Buying Stamps at Pharmacies – Where can I buy stamps besides the post office

Postage Stamps in the USA can be purchased from many places like grocery stores, Gas Stations, Banks, and ATMs, and online shopping sites also. There are many Pharmacy stores and chains in the USA which also sell postage stamps. Some of the popular Pharmacy stores which sell Postage Stamps are Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid.

In this article, we will explain how you can buy stamps from these Pharmacy stores.

Buy postage Stamps from Walgreen

Walgreens, a world leader in pharmaceutical retail based in the USA connects with millions of people every day by dispensing medicines and providing affordable, high-quality care. With many years of experience, the company responds to the needs of patients and customers through a network of convenient stores, digital platforms, and health and beauty products.

Apart from selling household and beauty items, Walgreens also provides various postage and mailing services and one of these services is that you can buy USPS Postage Stamps also from Walgreens also.

Walgreens has many physical stores located all over the USA and also a dedicated online portal from which you can purchase USPS Stamps like Forever Stamps. You won’t be able to buy single stamps from Walgreens but there are many type of books and sheets of Stamps that can be purchased from Walgreens Stores.

These Stamps at Walgreens usually come in the number of 20 stamps per book or sheet. Walgreens doesn’t charge you more for purchasing stamps than buying them from USPS offices or post offices.

How to buy Stamps from Walgreens?

To buy the Stamps from the Walgreens stores, you have to follow the below steps:

  • If you want to purchase stamps from Walgreens stores, you first need to find the nearest store.
  • Stamps at Walgreens stores can usually be found at the registrar or cash counter.
  • So after finding a store of Walgreens, directly go to the registrar or cash counter.
  • Ask for the required stamps from the person in charge at the cash counter.
  • He will hand over the stamps to you after receiving the payment of the Stamps.

Walgreens has now also made it possible to buy Postages Stamps online from their official website i.e

  • Visit the official website of Walgreens.
  • Create an account, if you are not already registered.
  • Search for the Postage Stamps in the search box.
  • Add the required type of Stamps into the Cart.
  • Make the payment through any of your favorite payment methods.
  • The Stamps will be delivered to your home within 2 to 5 days.

Buy Postage Stamps from CVS

CVS Health is an American pharmaceutical company headquartered in Providence County, Rhode Island

CVS is another top America-based pharmaceutical company having its headquarters in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, U.S. Founded as CVS Pharmacy, Inc on May 8, 1963, the company has around 10000 locations all over the USA. There are more than 5 million customers of CVS pharmacy in the USA and it offers them various services for example selling Medicines and Drugs on prescription, Pharmacy Advisor, etc.

You can shop from CVS for health care products like Hand Sanitizers, First Aid, Sunscreen, and much more. But a recent addition that has been made by CVS to its services is that citizens of the USA can now also buy USPS Postage Stamps also from CVS.

The 10000 stores which are spread in various cities of the USA are fully authorized to sell USPS Postage Stamps including First Class Forever Stamps. You can book or Sheet of Stamps from CVS stores and can use them for the postage of your letters or mails. CVS stores are even open on weekends and so you can buy your Stamps any day of the week.

How to Buy Stamps from CVS?

You can buy the Stamps from CVS stores by following the below process.

  • Locate your nearest store of CVS Pharmacy through the store locator link which can be found on the official website of the CVS.
  • You can directly visit the store locator link of CVS by clicking here
  • When you find a store of CVS nearby your location, then go there.
  • Move the cashier or customer service desk of the CVS store.
  • Demand the Stamps that you require from the customer service representative.
  • He will either guide you to the place where the stamps are located in that store or will deliver them to you by himself.
  • Make the payment and you will have the Stamps in your hand.

You can also buy the stamps from CVS online by visiting their official website i.e

Buy Postage Stamps from Rite Aid

Rite Aid which has its headquarters located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is another renowned pharmacy and Drugstore company that was founded by Alex Grass in 1962. The company has a revenue of 24 Billion USD as of 2021 and since its establishment, it is providing high-quality medical, health, and beauty-related services. Although the company is mainly known for selling Drugs and Medicines, you can also buy beauty products like Moisturizers, Cleaners, Mascara, etc.

Rite Aid has now expanded its services and is selling Postage and mailing items like Stamps also through its website and physical stores. There are around 2,288 locations of Rite Aid in the USA.

Since its foundation, Rite Aid has remained one of the top pharmacy chains in the USA. Now, it is also providing quality Postage and Mailing related services including selling Stamps. Most of the Stamps that are sold by Rite Aid are of the Forever First Class category and available in the form of groups i.e in the form of books or sheets.

How to Buy Stamps from Rite Aid?

Buying Stamps from the Rite Aid store is a very quick process and won’t require much time. Follow the below steps to buy Stamps from Rite Aid.

  • Visit your nearest Rite Aid Store by finding it through the store locator link. You can find any store of Rite Aid by clicking here
  • When you find a Rite Aid store and visit there, then you have to go to the cashier section, because in most of the stores of Rite Aid, the stamps are kept in the cashier section.
  • Let the cashier know that you want to buy Postage Stamps.
  • He will give the Stamps to you once you make the payment.

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