Where to Buy Postage Stamps Near Me – Where can i buy Stamps Besides the Post Office 2024

Postal Stamps, popularly known as just Stamps, are small pieces of paper that are usually rectangular or square. The Stamp is pasted on letters or envelopes and acts as proof of advance payment for shipments done through the traditional postal mail.

The use of traditional postal mail has been reduced a lot due to global digitization. Now, there are emails and social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and many more through which we can send or convey our messages to anyone without paper. However, less use of postal mail has also affected the use of Stamps, which doesn’t mean that Stamps have become obsolete and are not in use at all.Still, there are a lot of areas where we need to use Stamps. Old postal Stamps can be for millions because many people or organizations collect classic Stamps sold for millions.

Before the arrival of the Internet and digital means of sending messages like email, postal mail was the most significant means of sending and exchanging messages worldwide, including the USA.

Many people still send postcards and traditional postal mail for which these Postal Stamps are required. United States Postal Service, i.e., USPS, handles and generates Postal Stamps in the USA. As mentioned above, the Stamp is a small piece of paper, a special kind of paper. On Stamps, usually, a price or amount is printed. The Stamp also contains pictures of prominent personalities of any country like the USA or some famous monument or heritage place.

Where can you buy postage stamps online and offline?

Earlier postal stamps in the USA were only available in Post offices. So, to buy postal stamps, you must go to your nearest post office and purchase them. But now you can easily buy Stamps sitting from your home within a few minutes. If you want to purchase stamps, you will find a long list of online stores and shopping centers that let you buy Stamps.

The problem arises here because there is a long list of online Stamp providers, so you will be in a dilemma about where to buy a Stamp and which online store provides the stamps at a low cost. But we will help you make this choice easier and let you compare the best online stamps and providers.

How to Buy Postage Stamps from USPS?

If you need postal stamps for affixing them to any letter, greeting card, or other document, then the first place that comes to our mind is the USPS. USPS, which issues postage stamps in the USA, has now made it possible for those who need Stamps to buy them online from its official website. There are about 83 categories of stamps that are available through the USPS website. Some of the popular category stamps that you can buy from there are:

As the Stamps are issued by USPS every year, you can also find them on their website according to the year.

On the official USPS website, you can find a listing in the left sidebar if you open the website from your computer. This listing contains various filters, and you can buy stamps based on the below filters.

  • Category -Product Type – Catalogs -Theme – Issue Year -Size – Color – Price

How much is a postage stamp 2024

Letter Stamps Postcard Stamps Global Forever
Standard-sized, rectangular envelopes From $0.63 Standard-sized, rectangular postcards From $0.44 Standard-sized, rectangular envelopes From $1.40
Square, Oversized, or Unusual Envelopes
From $0.99

How to Buy Stamps from Amazon?

The second website that we have reviewed here for buying Stamps online is Amazon. Amazon is the largest online shopping website and billions of products are listed on Amazon that you can order online. Amazon now also has listed all types of Postage Stamps issued by USPS. If you have a normal Amazon account, then you can purchase Stamps from it without leaving your home or going to any nearby physical store.

You will find a dedicated section on the Amazon website for Stamps which also has filters of various kinds. Some of the popular filters for Stamps on the Amazon website are:

  • Department (Postage Stamps, Postcards, Business Stamps, Toys & Games, etc)
  • Brand (USPS, Amazon Basics, Promot, EcelMark, JOYIN, etc.)
  • Price (Under $25 to Above $200)

Another benefit of buying Stamps from Amazon is that you will find very exciting offers and discounts from time to time.

Buy Online stamps at amazon.com

How to Buy Stamps from Stamps.com?

As mentioned earlier there are numerous options to purchase Stamps online, so here is another website which is Stamps.com and it is a website that is dedicated only to providing Stamps. If you are finding it difficult to choose the best online Stamps providers, then Stamps.com makes it easier to select it as your destination for online stamp purchasing. The main reason for this is, Stamps.com has many benefits that set it apart from many other Stamps providers.

Some of the most popular features of Stamps.com are as below:

  • The most important feature of Stamps.com is that it gives you the facility of printing your address as well as the label on the envelope or card on which you have to paste the Stamp.
  • If you want to mail multiple products and have to affix stamps on all of them, then Stamps.com is the place for you as it lets you print out multiple stamps.
  • If your customer doesn’t like the product and wants to refund it then he can do so because of the return label facility provided by Stamps.com
  • Customers can easily track their orders with the help of Stamps that are purchased from Stamps.com

Stamps.com has a complete catalog of Stamps available and hundreds of categories.

Purchasing Stamps from Stamps.com is very cheap also compared to other online stores. You just have to give a $15.99 monthly subscription fee and you can order multiple stamps. While purchasing stamps from Stamps.com, you can be assured that these stamps are fully authorized and official.

How to Buy Stamps from ebay.com?

For those who want to buy or collect Stamps, eBay is another option. ebay.com has an entire range of stamps available not only just USPS stamps. So in addition to USPS stamps, you can also purchase the following types of stamps from ebay.com.

  • European Stamps
  • US Postage Stamps
  • Chinese Stamps
  • Worldwide Stamps Collection & Lots

When you visit the dedicated Stamps buying page of eBay, then in the stop Menu you will see various options like:

  • All Listing – Lists all types of Stamps
  • Accepts Offers – Shows various offers and discounts available on Stamps.
  • Auction – This section is dedicated to the Auction of stamps where you can place bids to buy stamps.
  • Buy it Now – By clicking on this section, you can directly Buy Stamps from ebay.com.

The stamps page of ebay.com is very descriptive where you will find complete information about stamps including their prices. In this page, there are many filters that allow you to search and select Stamps as per your requirements.

For example, if you click on the USPS Stamps category, then you can buy stamps like US Flag Forever Stamps and many other types of stamps ranging from 1 Cent to many dollars.

How to Buy Stamps from Walmart?

Walmart is an American Retail Chain which is also one of the largest retail corporations having networks in many countries of the World. Although Walmart is a kind of specialist in grocery stores, supermarkets, etc, it is now also become a big name in providing Stamps. Walmart is now a platform where you can find Stamps of any type. When you visit Walmart, you will see an exclusive section for Stamps. You just need to pick your desired category of Stamps and make the payment.

Walmart also has an online portal for providing Stamps to users who want to send any type of post. When you visit the official portal of Walmart, you will see many filters location just at the top of the main page.

These filters are:

  • Pickup & Shipping
  • Price – $0 -$65
  • Brand – USPS, United States Post Office, Sniggle Sloth, etc
  • Departments – Office Supplies, Arts Crafts & Sewing.

Buy stamps online at Walmart

How to Buy Stamps from Gas Stations?

If you are looking for an alternative to buying Stamps online or from Walmart, then noting is better than Gas Stations. Gas Stations or petrol pumps are open 24*7 and 365 days. So to send a postcard or any card, if you need a stamp to validate it, then you can purchase a Stamp anytime from a Gas Station that is nearby to you. Suppose you are traveling and its night time, even then you can purchase USPS Stamps from a Gas Station that comes on the way to your journey.

Stamps can be purchased from Gas Stations without any extra charges. You will even get a Stamp at some discount. So Gas Stations give you the option to buy Stamps on the go anytime and anywhere.

How to Buy Stamps from ATMs?

ATM machines are not used only for withdrawing or depositing money but there are many daily usage activities that you can perform through ATM. Apart from withdrawing and depositing money through ATMs you can recharge your mobile phones, make bill payments, etc. Another benefit of ATMs is that you can now purchase USPS Stamps also. For this, you have to visit your nearby ATM machine and follow the simple steps to purchase the Stamps. Although all ATMs don’t provide the service of purchasing Stamps, still you can find a lot of ATMs near to you from where you can buy Stamps.

The process of purchasing Stamps from ATMs is very simple. Locate a nearby ATM machine and insert your ATM card into the machine. After inserting the card, a menu will appear with various options like withdrawing money, depositing money, Buying Stamps, etc. An important thing to note here is that ATMs do not issue Stamps directly, they let you buy Stamps by redirecting you to the official website of the USPS.

So once you click on the ‘Stamps Buying Option’ in the ATM, you will be redirected to the USPS website and you can purchase your desired type of Stamps directly from the website.

You can make the payment directly by using your ATM Card/Debit Card.

As for withdrawing money from ATM, you have to insert your Debit Card and enter your PIN and the money is withdrawn immediately. In a similar way, you can purchase USPS Stamps.

How to Buy Stamps from USPS Post Office?

All posts office of USPS has been authorized to sell the Postage Stamps. You can easily find a USPS post office very near to you. To purchase a postage stamp you just have to go to the nearby post office and ask for the Stamps. There are also dedicated counters at the Post offices from where you can purchase Stamps.

At these dedicated counters you can demand any USPS Postage Stamps that you want and by making the necessary payment, you will have the Stamps within a few seconds. You don’t have to follow any steps you have to do while purchasing stamps online.

Just search for a nearby Post Office and visit there. Ask for the stamps that you want, make the payment, and it’s done. Purchasing Stamps offline from centers like Post Office doesn’t require you to follow any complex procedures like doing any registration, giving your personal details, etc. You can have the Stamps in your hands within seconds.
Like the online portal of USPS, you will also find different categories of Stamps in the Post Office. You can select any Stamps that you want.
Although purchasing Stamps from the USPS post office may be time-consuming sometimes because a post office may be at some distance from your home and you may have to wait there in queues for purchase.

How to Buy Stamps from Grocery Stores?

USPS Postage Stamps can not be purchased from Supermarkets like Walmart, but they can now be purchased from your nearby Grocery stores. This service of buying Stamps is made possible because of an agreement between the USPS and some authorized Grocery centers.

Postage Stamps can be purchased from Grocery Stores at no extra charge. Although most people are now familiar with online purchasing, some people are still unaware of doing online shopping for any item, including Stamps. So, for such people, Grocery Stores are the best and easiest way to purchase Postage Stamps because they don’t have to visit any online portal and make registration. They only have to visit their nearest Grocery store, which sells Stamps.

By visiting your nearest Grocery Shop, you can request any category of USPS Postage Stamps. The agreement between USPS and grocery stores allows you to purchase stamps easily. This way of buying Stamps from Grocery Stores is also suitable for those who follow the traditional method of shopping, i.e., not doing it online.

What is the Easiest Way to Buy Stamps?

In the modern digital era, everyone can access the internet and devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. So, with this latest technology, the simplest and easiest method of buying Stamps is to go to the online store of USPS, i.e., United States Postal Services. Once you visit the USPS online store, you will see the ‘Buy Stamps’ option. Here, you have to choose which Stamps you want to purchase. Choose the desired Stamp and make the payment. This way, you can easily buy Stamps in just one or two clicks.

Can you buy stamps online and have them delivered?

Yes, you can purchase Stamps online through various platforms. The official platform for buying stamps online is the USPS website, where you can easily buy your needed stamps anytime and anywhere. In addition to the official website of USPS, many other portals let you buy Stamps online, and some of the popular online stores for purchasing Stamps online are Amazon, eBay, Stamps.com, etc.

Can you buy stamps other than at the Post Office?

If you use the traditional method of purchasing things or shopping, then the best and simplest way of buying Stamps is to go to the nearest USPS post office and buy a Stamp from there. But as mentioned above, this is the era of technology, and most people in the World, including the USA, have internet-enabled devices, so they can buy Stamps from their homes without going anywhere.

There are many places, including offline and online, other than the Post Office, to buy the Stamp you need. Some other places where you can purchase a Stamp are Gas Stations, ATMs, Grocery Stores, and e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Can you buy stamps at USPS?

Yes, of course, you can buy Stamps at USPS. USPS, i.e., from the United States Postage Services centers, are available both online and offline. The online store of USPS can be accessed through usps.com, and the offline stores of USPS are open at all post offices near you in the USA.

You can buy the Stamps of many categories and formats by visiting any of these online or offline stores.

What are Forever Stamps?

Forever Stamps were released by USPS in 2007, and as it is clear from their name, they last forever. That means when you purchase a Forever category Stamps, then its prices remain the same as when it was purchased. For example, if you bought a Forever Stamp in 2010 and use it to send a postcard or paste it on any envelope that weighs one ounce in the year 2022, then the cost remains the same even if the cost of shipping the post increases in the year 2022.

In other words, we can say that suppose you purchased a Forever Stamp at $0.90 a few years ago and the current price of the Stamp is $1, then you will still be able to send the post at the starting price of Forever Stamp, i.e., at $0.90.

How do you know how many stamps to use?

Many people don’t know how many Stamps are needed to post a letter, card, or parcel. If your letter weighs 1 ounce and is 11.5*5 inches long, you can post it by pasting only a single Forever Stamp. If the weight and size of the letter are more than the specified above, then you will need more Stamps.

If you want to post outside the USA, you have to paste Global Forever Stamps,; the cost of one is around $1.30.

How much is a Forever postage stamp?

Recently, some price changes have been done by USPS at the prices of Forever Stamps. At the time of writing this post, the price of Forever Stamp for posting a standard-size letter was 58 cents. The cost of Forever Stamp was 55 till the year 2021. More price increases are expected in the Forever Stamps in the coming days as USPS has been going through a significant loss in the last decade.

How much is a Stamp in 2024?

The Postage Stamps in the USA are issued and completely handled by USPS, and the USPS also decides the price of Postage Stamps. The main reason for the increase in Postage Stamps is inflation. So, the USPS considers various factors while deciding on the rise in the price of postage Stamps.

Every year, there is a slight change in the increase of these Postage Stamps by USPS, and USPS has recently increased the price of Stamps. In 2022, you can buy a Forever Stamp for $0.60, and an additional Stamp can be purchased for $0.24.

Are old stamps still valid?

Postage stamps are basically of two types: pre-decimalization stamps and non-denominated stamps. If you have pre-decimalization, you can not use them when there is a change in the price. So, it means old pre-decimalization Stamps are invalid after a certain period or with the rate increase.

Non-denominated stamps are also known as first-class stamps, and you can send letters that come into the category of first-class standard letters. They can be delivered at any time, no matter if there is a change in the price of stamps. It means that old, non-denominated Stamps are valid even with price increases. Forever Stamps are the most common example of non-denominated Stamps, valid even if they are aging.

Do stamps expire?

As mentioned above, Stamps are of two types: pre-decimalization and Nondenominational Stamps. Forever Stamps come into the category of Nondenominational Stamps, and they never expire.

As these Forever Stamps never expire, their main benefit is that you can purchase Stamps in bulk and use them at the same price after many years. Suppose you buy a Roll of Forever Stamps having 100 Stamps at the cost of $0.60 per Stamp in the year 2022. If you want to send a letter after five years by using Forever Stamps, then you don’t have to pay any extra money because the value of these Stamps remains unchanged.

How much is a book of 20 stamps today?

A book of Stamps contains multiple Stamps. A standard book of stamps usually has 20 stamps, which can be used to post numerous letters and envelopes. You can send invitations for birthdays, weddings, or any other event by purchasing a book of Stamp with multiple Stamps in it. A Stamp book having 20 Stamps in it is ideal for such events & party invitations and lets you avoid purchasing individual stamps repeatedly. Don’t get confused with the name ‘Book’ as the Stamps book is not as large as a normal book.

With the current cost of one Forever Stamp at $0.63, you can buy a book of 20 Stamps at 20*$0.63, i.e., $12.60.

How much is a Roll of Stamps?

Like a Stamps book, a Roll of Stamps also contains multiple Stamps, but in large numbers. Unlike a Stamps book, which normally has 20 Stamps, a standard Roll of Stamps contains 100 Stamps per Roll. Those people who are willing to send letters at a large number of family functions or any other events need the Roll of Stamps. So, the main requirement of Stamps Roll is for those who frequently have to send letters through USPS’s postage service.

At the point of writing this, you can buy one Forever First Class Stamp at the price of $0.63. So, for a Roll of 100 Stamps, you must pay a minimum of 100*$0.63=$63.

You can buy Stamps Roll from offline platforms like Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Pharmacies, etc. Stamps Roll can also be purchased from e-commerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, etc. Although the price of Stamps Roll is fixed and is decided by the USPS, it may still differ from platform to platform and the category or themes of the Stamps that you are looking to purchase.