How many Postage Stamps do i Need for a 10 x 13 Envelope

To deliver your products through USPS Postage services, you must put these items in envelopes. USPS issues mailing envelopes in different sizes, which you can choose depending on the weight and size of the item to be delivered. If you want to provide relatively large items, then 10×13 envelopes are the best and most commonly used size.

A 10×13 is basically a Large Envelope because of its dimensions. The large dimensions of these 10×13 make them perfect for your large items, which usually don’t fit in regular or standard-size envelopes.

There are many types of items, but 10×13 envelopes are the best choice. Some of the popular products or items that can be easily delivered through 10×13 envelopes are:

  • Documents of any type, like tax and legal documents
  • Soft Cover Books and Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Financial Reports
  • Multipage Documents
  • Tax Returns
  • CDS and DVDs
  • Photoframes and Albums

How Many Postage Stamps for a 10×13 Envelope?

All envelopes that are 9×12 or larger are considered Large Envelopes. If the weight of your large envelope of any size, including a 10×13 envelope, is at most 1 ounce, then you can ship it using two First Class Forever Stamps.

For a 10×13, which weighs more than 1 ounce, you will require additional Stamps.

The number of additional Stamps you need for a 10×13 envelope is decided by the increase in the weight. i.e., you need one extra Stamp for each 1 ounce.

If the large items that you want to deliver through 10×13 envelopes are not flats, i.e., if they have buttons, are rigid, strings, etc, then they get sorted by hand and come under the category of non-machinable surcharge.

How Much is the Cost of 10×13 Envelope Postage?

The cost for a 10×13 envelope Postage depends upon various factors. The price of a 10×13 envelope postage is distributed as below:

  • As long as the weight of your 10×13 envelope is not more than 1 ounce, you can ship it by using 2 Forever Stamps. For these two Forever Stamps, you will have to paystrong> $1.20 ($0.60 for a single Forever Stamp)
  • A 2 Oz 10×13 Envelope needs three Stamps, i.e., 2 Forever Stamps and one additional Stamp for an extra one ounce. This will cost you strong>$1.20+$0.24=$1.44
  • 2 Forever Stamps and two extra Stamps must be pasted on your 10×13 envelope, whose weight is between 2 ounces and 3 ounces. The cost of 3 ounces 10×13 envelope will be strong>$1.20+$0.24+$0.24=$1.68
  • A 4-ounce 10×13 envelope can be shipped by using 2 Forever Stamps and three additional Stamps, for which the total cost will be strong>$1.20+$0.24+$0.24$0.24=$1.92

10×13 Envelope Postage Price

Weight not over (ounces) Price
1 $1.20
2 $1.44
3 $1.68
4 $1.92

Where to Buy 10×13 Envelopes?

You can buy 10×13 envelopes from many offline as well as online stores. If you want to purchase 10×13 envelopes from the comfort of your home without going anywhere, many online portals let you buy 10×13 envelopes easily.

You can buy 10×13 envelopes from the below websites.

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