Suppressor Tax Stamp – How to get and Wait Time

When you purchase any NFA item (National Firearms Act) then you will have to pay a Tax. This tax is also known as Federal Tax which was basically started in the year 1934. Under this tax when you buy an NFA item be it a Shotgun, short-barreled rifle, heavy weapon, or Suppressor, you will have to pay a tax of $200.

What is Suppressor Tax Stamp?

A firearm Suppressor is also commonly known as a silencer. A suppressor is basically is a device that is attached to the end of a Firearm like a gun and it creates no or very less sound when the firing is done from the gun.

In 1934 a Federal Tax was started and requires you to pay a price of $200 for buying a Suppressor for your Gun. This is what we know as the Suppressor Tax Stamp.

The main motive of introducing this tax on Suppressors or any other Firearm item was to limit the spread of unnecessary purchases of Firearms in the USA.

Even at the time of starting this Tax, the fee was $200 which is a very huge amount considering that time. So purchasing Firearms and suppressors was not within the reach of everyone.

The Tax collected from Suppressors Tax Stamps is deposited in the U.S. Treasury Fund.

How to Get Suppressor Tax Stamps?

If you want to get a Tax Stamp for your Suppressor for personal or individual purposes, then you can have it through two methods which are as below:

  • Create your Own Suppressor
  • Purchase a Suppressor from an FFL dealer.

Create your Own Suppressor

Suppressor usually comes in the category of class 3 firearms and for Class 3 Firearms you have to buy Tax Stamps. If you make your own Suppressor, then you can get a Suppressor Tax Stamp by filling “ATF Form 1”. To get a Suppressor Stamp through ATF Form 1, you have to follow the below steps:

  • First of all, you will have to create an account on ATF’s official website for getting ATF Form 1 which can be accessed by clicking here
  • Fill out this form completely.
  • Upload your passport-size photos.
  • Along with photos, you will also have to mail FD-258 fingerprint cards.
  • Now submit the Form.
  • When you submit the ATF Form 1 then it will be verified by ATF.
  • After verification of the form by ATF, you will receive your ‘Suppressor Tax Stamp’.
  • Once you receive your Suppressor Tax Stamp, you can now easily make your Suppressor on your own.

Purchase a Suppressor from an FFL dealer

Another method of buying a Suppressor is through FFL Dealer i.e Federal Firearms License dealer. When you buy a Suppressor from FFL Dealer, then to get a Suppressor Tax Stamp you will have to fill out ATF Form 4 and follow the below steps you have your Tax Stamp.

  • Download ATF Form 4 from the official website of ATF.
  • Fill out this ATF Form 4 completely.
  • Form 4 needs to be accompanied by 2 digital Passport size photographs.
  • Two FD-258 fingerprint cards are also required while filling ATF Form 4.
  • You will receive a Tax Stamp for your Suppressor after successful verification of Form 4 by ATF.
  • You will now be able to get possession of your Firearm including your Suppressor once you receive the ‘Suppressor Tax Stamp’

Suppressor Tax Stamp Wait Time

When you apply for an e-form 4 for the approval of a license and Tax Stamps for Firerarms like a Suppressor then you have to be patient, because this process will take a lot of time that may range from 7 days to 90 days. When you are looking to buy a Suppressor Tax Stamp from an FFL dealer, then you may have to wait for up to 90 days for getting the Suppressor Stamps in your hand.

But if you want the quick delivery of Suppressor Tax Stamps, then you can consider the option of applying them through private service providers like

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