USPS Christmas Forever Postage Stamps – How much is a Book of Christmas Stamps

Postage Stamps were used all over the world including in the USA a few years ago for conveying messages through Posts or letters. Postage Stamps are less used because today we use emails and social networks for sending messages or emails.

In today’s modern world, most people send messages through these digital methods and hardly anyone uses traditional mail or Postage to send letters.

Despite the invention of the digital way of sending messages and emails, traditional mailing services are still used in many situations and therefore we need Stamps to send these letters or posts.

It is well known that Postage Stamps in the USA are issued by USPS and it regularly issues Stamps for many holidays and occasions. Christmas is undoubtedly the biggest holiday and there are many Stamps issues by USPS based on the theme of Christmas which you can use to post your letters.

USPS Christmas Forever Stamps

The First Class Stamps which are used to send normal size letters in the USA are known as Forever Stamps. These Stamps are known as Forever Stamps because their value never changes. The value of these Stamps always remains the same regardless of any change in the cost by USPS in the future. Holiday-themed Stamps including Christmas Stamps are also Forever Stamps.

The prices of Stamps are increased by USPS regularly and in the last few years, the prices are increased more than 10 times. But the good thing about these Christmas Forever Stamps is that they have no change in their price or value even after many years.

At the present time, the price of one Christmas Forever Stamp is $0.63 and if you purchase a Forever Stamp today, then its prices will be the same i.e $0.63 even after 5 or 10 years.

What is the Cost of USPS Christmas Forever Stamps?

The price of Christmas Forever Stamps is set up by the USPS and any increase in the price of these Stamps is also proposed by USPS. Forever Stamps of any theme including Christmas Stamps are First Class Stamps that is they are used to post a letter that has a weight of up to 1 Oz.

If you have to send a letter having a weight of more than 1 Oz, then you need additional Stamps for every ounce. For each extra ounce, the price of an additional Stamp will be 20 cents.

The current price of one Christmas-themed Forever Stamp is 63 cents. The USPS has increased the price of Christmas Forever Stamps recently from 60 cents to 63 cents.

Types and Themes of USPS Christmas Stamps

Forever Stamps come in various themes and types. USPS issues these Forever Stamps for many popular occasions and holidays. For example, you can have Forever Stamps for holidays like Christmas. These Christmas-based Forever Stamps are further available in many themes.

Some popular themes of USPS Christmas Stamps are:

Charlie Brown Christmas Forever Stamps

Charlie Brown Christmas Forever Stamps first came out in the year 2015. They were released in Santa Rosa California
on Oct 1, 2015, and since then have been one of the selling Christmas Forever Stamps. Charlie Brown Christmas Forever Stamps are available in 10 different designs.

Charlie Brown Christmas Forever Stamps can be purchased from the USPS Post office or any of the popular e-commerce websites. They are usually available in a single book form or in a pack of 5 books.

Most design of Charlier Brown Christmas Stamps has the image of Charlie Brown with a Sapling in his hand. Some of the other popular design of these types of Christmas Stamps is:

  • Charlie Brown and Pigpen
  • Snoopy and children ice skating
  • Charlie Brown checking mailbox

Holiday Delights Forever Christmas Stamps

If you love Folk art, these Holiday Delights Forever Christmas Stamps are for you. These Stamps come in a booklet of 20 Stamps and they have Folk art with a traditional palette printed on them. The Folk art is printed on these Stamps in three colors White, Green, and Red.

Sparkling Holidays Christmas Santa USPS Forever Stamps

These types of Christmas Stamps are one of the most popular holiday Stamps which were released by USPS in the year 2018. The close-up face of Santa Claus is printed on these Stamps which famous artist Haddon Sundblom printed.

USPS Forever Stamps Christmas Carols

These Stamps were issued by USPS in the year 2017. These Stamps were released in four different themes which basically illustrate four Christmas Carols. The four themes of these Stamps are Jolly Old Saint, Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, and Silent Night.

Nativity USPS Forever Christmas Stamps

Nativity USPS Forever Christmas Stamps were released by USPS in 2016. These Stamps also come in the form of a book having 20 Stamps and they have only one design that depicts the traditional Nativity scene.

USPS A Visit from St Nick Book Christmas Stamps

If you want to know the story of Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve, then you can do it through St Nick Book Stamps because the detailed story of Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve is illustrated on these Stamps which comes in the form of a book of 20 Stamps.

Categories of USPS Christmas Stamps

The most popular categories of USPS Christmas Stamps based on the size and weight are mentioned below:

1st class 1 OZ Forever Christmas Stamps

The letters or postcards having weights less than or up to 1 ounce can be posted by using the First Class 1 Oz Forever Christmas Stamps. To post the letters with 1 Oz weight, the Christmas Forever Stamps will cost $0.58

1st class 2 OZ Forever Christmas Stamps

If you want to send a letter with a weight of more than 1 oz and up to 2 Oz, then you need 1st Class 2 Oz Forever Christmas Stamps. If you use First Class 2 Oz Forever Christmas Stamp on your postcard or letter, then you will have to pay a price of $0.78.

1st class 3 OZ Forever Christmas Stamps

If your post or letter weighs more than 2 oz but less than 3 Oz, then you can post it by using 3 Oz Forever Christmas Stamps. The price of a 3 Oz Forever Christmas Stamp is currently $0.98.

Where to Buy Christmas Stamps?

You can buy Christmas USPS Stamps from many Grocery stores and online shopping websites. Below we have listed some of the best places where you can buy Christmas Stamps

Buy Christmas Stamps from USPS

All types of Postage Stamps in the USA are manufactured by USPS which is the official source of producing all types of Stamps including Christmas Stamps. There are stores and post offices of USPS in almost all cities of the USA. So by just locating a post office nearby you, it is very easy to purchase Christmas Stamps. Christmas Stamps can also be purchased from the official website of USPS by sitting at your home either from your computer or mobile phone.

Buy Christmas Stamps from Amazon

Amazon is without any doubt a giant when it comes to online shopping. You must have heard the name of Amazon and have done shopping for your daily household items, grocery products, and electronic items. In addition to buying these products, you can also purchase Christmas Stamps from Amazon for which you just have to create an account, log in, search for the Stamps, and place an order by making the payment.

Buy Christmas Stamps from Walmart

Walmart is a top supermarket chain in the USA and many other countries in the World. There are thousands of stores of Walmart located in different cities in the USA. They are also providing shopping services to people of the USA online through their official website.

Apart from purchasing Grocery products and other necessary items, you can now also shop for Stamps, including Christmas Stamps from Walmart.

Buying Christmas Stamps from Walmart is very easy, comfortable, and totally secure.

Buy Christmas Stamps from eBay

eBay is a big online shopping store that always comes on the list of the top five eCommerce websites in the USA. It is one of the most valuable companies in the USA in terms of market value and also one of the largest online electronic platforms in the USA.

You can also purchase Christmas USPS Stamps from eBay by creating an account which is a simple process.

How Much is a book of Christmas Forever Stamps?

As you know that books of Stamps that are sold by most retail dealers like Grocery stores, Pharmacies, and online shopping websites have 20 Stamps. Like a normal Stamp book, a book of Christmas Stamps also contains 20 stamps. We usually have to send one or two letters at once. There are many occasions when we need to send multiple letters and here comes the need for Stamps books like Christmas Stamps books etc which lets you send letters in bulk.

By purchasing a book of Christmas Stamps you don’t have to take the tension of buying new stamps every time there is a requirement to send a letter through Postal services.

If you don’t know what actually is a Christmas Stamps book or a standard Stamps book, then let us clarify that it is basically a sheet that has pre-cut multiple stamps usually 20. Each Christmas stamp has a value printed on them. A standard Forever Stamp has a price of $0.60 and Christmas Stamps can also be purchased at the same price.

Therefore a book of 20 Christmas Stamps will be priced at $0.60×20=$12.

Although the Standard book of Christmas Stamps has a cost of $12 but depending upon the categories and themes, you may have to pay a different price.

How Much is a Roll of Christmas Forever Stamps?

This has been discussed above that although it is possible to send your messages through digital transmission methods in just a few seconds. But still, you can’t do anything physically through these online ways. There are many cases like you have to send original copies of your documents to another person, have to send multiple invitations physically, and many other situations. In such cases, each of your letters or post must be accompanied by a Forever Stamp or Christmas Stamps.

Therefore you need multiple Christmas stamps and you want to save time by going to USPS Post offices or any other Stamp selling store. Since the value of Chrimstas Forever Stamps remains the same, you can store them in bulk either in book form for sending a few letters (up to 20 as in a book), or in Stamps Roll for sending large numbers of letters. A Roll of Christmas Forever Stamps has 100 Stamps in it.

The price of one Christmas Forever Stamp is $0.63, so a Roll of 100 Christmas Forever Stamps will be $63. The price may vary depending on the theme of these Stamps. For example, a Roll of 100 Mountain Flora Flower US First Class Forever Postage Stamps will cost you $89.90.

Here we would like to highlight that, there is not much choice available for Christmas Forever Stamps at the most online Stamps selling platforms like Walmart, Amazon, etc. So if your need is for 100 Stamps, then you can buy 5 books of Christmas Stamps with 20 Stamps per book.

Christmas Rubber Stamps

As you might know, Rubber Stamps are stamps that are used for printing any kind of images, letters, words, or custom designs on paper or any other printable material. With the help of Rubber Stamps, you can print your desired design or addresses on your Postage letters or envelopes.

With Christmas Rubber Stamps you can print any Christmas-themed image like Santa, Gifts, logos, wishes or more on your letter to be posted.

There are mainly two types of Christmas Rubber Stamps: One is traditional Wooden Stamps which have Christmas-themed images printed on them that you have to dip in ink and then you have to put some pressure on them from above to print the image on your letter or any other paper.

Another type of Christmas Rubber Stamp is the Automatic Stamp which has an inbuilt ink pad that lets you print the Christmas-themed design on your letter or envelope just by pressing it lightly.

You can buy different kinds of Christmas Rubber Stamps from all major online platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. Some of the popular types of Christmas Rubber Stamps that you can buy online are:

  • Inkadinkado Holiday Sprigs Wood Stamp
  • Snowflake Floral Wooden Rubber Stamps
  • Christmas Bell Bow Santa Claus
  • Christmas Santa Claus Clear Stamps
  • Zayvor Christmas Stamps Set Wooden Rubber Stamps

Do Christmas Forever Stamps Expire?

Because of the lesser use of Postage Stamps compared to the last few years, not all people are aware of the fact that all types of Forever Stamps including Chrismas Forever Stamps do not expire and they remain valid for a lifetime once they have been purchased.

So by purchasing Christmas Forever Stamps, it is possible for you to post any letter or postcard domestically or internationally and it will be delivered corresponding to the current price of the Stamps.

As you know that like any Forever Stamps, there is no value printed on Christmas Forever Stamps instead there is a face value on each Stamp and this face value retains its validity for the lifetime.

From the above, it should be clear that Christmas Forever Stamps never expire and the value of their postage corresponds to the current price i.e equals to the price of Stamps at the time of postage.

Are Christmas Forever Stamps Still Good?

If you purchased a single Christmas Forever Stamp, a book, or a roll of these Stamps a few years ago and have the need to send a letter today, then an obvious doubt in your mind will be “Are these Christmas Forever Stamps still Good”?, so we here let you know that Christmas Forever Stamps are always Good for your postage needs without any change in their value.

As mentioned in the above para, there is no monetary value printed on Christmas Forever Stamps. There is only a face and name of the particular theme of Christmas Forever Stamps printed on any such stamp. For if you buy a book of ‘Holiday Wreaths’ stamps, then you will see the word ‘Holiday Wreaths Forever Christmas’ printed on them.

With value printed on Christmas Forever Stamps, they have unlimited validity and therefore these stamps are always good compared to other types of Stamps because of the constant changes in the Stamps’ prices by USPS.

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