How Many Stamps Should i put on a 9×12 Envelope

For sending your letters and packages in the USA or any other country of the world sufficient amount of Postage is needed so that your package is delivered properly to the destination. For sending your letters or packages within the USA, you need the services of USPS i.e United States Postages Services which is responsible for delivering letters or packages in the country.

You can deliver your products and items through envelopes and boxes. To send items that are ‘Flat’, you can use Large Envelopes which are available in various sizes and dimensions.

One such type of Large Envelope is a 9×12 envelope. Here in this article, we will explain everything about like Postage required for a 9×12 envelope, the Stamps required, and the cost.

Postage for 9×12 Envelope?

As mentioned above 9×12 envelopes are mainly used for delivering Flat items. Although Flat items can also be delivered by using standard envelopes, by using standard envelopes you can send only small items because of the small dimensions of Standard envelopes.

So here comes the need for 9×12 envelopes which are best suited for delivering comparatively large things.

How Many Stamps for 9×12 Envelope Postage?

The number of Stamps that you need to accompany your 9×12 envelope is different for each size of the package. It means that the stamps you need to paste on a 9×12 envelope are determined by the weight of the envelope after putting an item into it.

Know now will be looking for how to know the weight of your 9×12 envelope package. The best way to know how much is the weight of any package including 9×12 is to visit the nearest post office of USPS. Once you visit the nearest post office and know the weight of your 9×12 envelope you will then decide how many Stamps are required for your 9×12 envelope.

  • Unlike a standard envelope, for postage of a 9×12 envelope with a weight less than or up to 1 Ounce, you need 2 First Class Forever Stamps.
  • For each extra ounce, your 9×12 envelope has to be accompanied by an additional Stamp.
  • For a 9×12 envelope with 2 Oz weight, you need 2 Forever Stamps and 1 Additional Stamp.
  • Similarly, you can post a 9×12 envelope with a maximum weight of up to 13 Ounces.

How Much is the Cost of 9×12 Envelope Postage

There are many things that decide the cost of posting a 9×12 envelope. The important factor that determines the cost of 9×12 is the weight and the number of Stamps that you will paste on your envelope.

  • A 9×12 envelope with up to 1 Ounce is delivered in the USA by using 1 Forever Stamp. The current price of 1 Forever Stamp has been increased by USPS recently and in the year 2023, the price will be $0.63 per Forever Stamp. It means that a 1 oz 9×12 envelope Postage will cost you $0.63.
  • The 2 Oz 9×12 envelope Postage will require 2 Forever Stamps and 1 additional Stamp which has a cost of $0.24 currently. so the total price for 2 oz 9×12 envelope postage will be $1.20+$0.24=$1.44
  • A 3 Oz 9×12 envelope will require 2 Forever Stamps and 2 additional ounce stamps. So the total price of 9×12 envelope postage will be $1.44+$0.24=$1.68

The cost will keep on increasing for each ounce as you keep on using additional ounce Stamps.

If you don’t want to use additional Stamps, then you can use more Forever Stamps for each extra ounce, but it will cost you more than using additional Stamps.

How to Post your 9×12 Envelope?

You can post your 9×12 by using two ways. You can either put your package in the mailbox or go to your nearest USPS Post office.

If you want to post small items in your 9×12 envelope, then you have a better idea that your package is less than 1 oz. So you can just paste two 2 Forever Stamps on your 9×12 envelope and put it into your mailbox for its delivery.

If you have a large item to post in your 9×12 envelope and don’t know the exact weight, then you will have to go to your nearest USPS Post Office to have a better idea of the weight. By knowing the proper weight of your package, you can affix the desired number of Stamps on it and post it through USPS Post Office.

What You Can Post in your 9×12 Envelope?

You can mail various kinds of small and medium-weight items with the help of a 9×12 envelope


The best way to deliver small books to your friends, relatives, or anyone in the USA is through USPS mailing services. Small books having softcovers are usually lightweight and they can be easily delivered through a 9×12 envelope which will have a weight usually less than 1 Oz and will need only two Forever First Class Stamps.

Video Games

Video Games are another popular items that have a weight usually around 1 oz and can be easily delivered by using a 9×12 envelope.


Manuscripts having a large number of pages compared to normal letters can also be delivered by using 9×12 envelopes.


If you have to send only one DVD to anyone in the USA, then you will be able to deliver it by using only two Forever Stamps with the help of a 9×12 envelope.

Photoframe and Albums

Lightweight Photoframe and Albums are other important items that can be delivered with the help of a 9×12 envelope because these items have a weight of less than 1 ounce and you won’t need much amount for their successful delivery.

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