Stamps for a 6×9 Bubble Envelope

Bubble Envelope – Bubble Mailer

A Bubble Mailer also known as Bubble Envelope is a special type of envelope whose outside coating consists of a special type of paper like any other envelope or plastic. The inner part of the Bubble Mailer envelope is made up of bubble wrap.

The need for Bubble Mailer comes when you have to send some mild or soft product through post. As mentioned the inner part of the Bubble Mailer is made up of Bubble Wrap, so these bubbles contain Air in them which protects your product to be delivered through the post from any damage.

If during posting, your package falls or something drops on it, then the inside bubble wrap of your Bubble Mailer will let the package not be damaged from such kind of situation.

USPS i.e United States Postage Services provides various types of Bubble Mailers for posting your products and 6×9 Bubble Mailer is one such envelope that is best suited for delivering your small items.

When you need to deliver something soft and precious, this bubble envelope helps you keep the contents intact. The air bubbles of the bubble wrap are best for protecting your items in case of accidental bumps and falls, without forgetting that the padded envelope is also waterproof.

Bubble Envelope Sizes

Knowing the different sizes of envelopes is essential in order to be able to send a letter or document correctly. Each envelope format is suitable for different functions, especially in the business or commercial field.

A 6×9 size envelope is a big envelope that can be used to post many little items like books, Video Games, DVDs, Manuscripts, and many other things. 6×9 envelope also comes in Bubble form which is one of the safest ways of sending your items. Here in this article, we will explain how many Stamps you need to send a 6×9 bubble mailer. Before that, we will give a brief overview of What actually is a Bubble Mailer.

Stamps Required for a 6×9 Bubble Mailer

The weight of 6×9 Bubble Mailer is usually 1 ounce or less than 1 ounce, so as per the standards this kind of envelope comes in First Class Mail and can be delivered by using one Forever Stamp.

The rates of Forever Stamps are set up by USPS and right now the price of Forever Stamps is 0.63 cents, so one 6×9 Bubble Mailer envelope can be posted by using one Forever Stamp worth $0.63.

If the weight of the 6×9 Bubble Mailer exceeds 1 ounce, you have to use additional Stamps which have the price of $0.24 per ounce. Pasting more than one Forever Stamp will cost more than using additional Stamps.

Cost of a 6×9 Bubble Envelope

The price of posting a 6×9 Bubble Mailer is decided by the size and the class under which that envelope comes in.

  • If the size of the 6×9 Bubble Mailer envelope is less than or up to 1 oz, then you just need one Forever Stamp, because this envelope comes under the category of First Class Letter.
  • The Cost of delivering a 6×9 Bubble Mailer with a size up to 1 ounce will be only $0.63 in the year 2023 (This is subject to change if there are changes in Stamps prices by USPS)
  • If the size and weight of the 6×9 Bubble Mailer increase, then you need 1 additional Stamp for every single ounce.
  • An additional Stamp for a single ounce will be priced at $0.24.
  • So For example, if the size of a 6×9 Bubble is 2 oz, then you can post it by using one Forever Stamp and one additional which will be priced at $0.63+$0.24=$0.87
  • For a 6×9 Bubble Mailer with a weight of 3 oz, you will have to give $0.63+$0.24+$0.24=$1.11 because you have to use 1 Forever Stamps and two additional Stamps worth $0.24 each.
Weight Not Over (Oz) Price
1 $1.26
2 $1.50
3 $1.74

Cost to Mail a 6×9 Bubble Mailer

The thickness of your 6×9 bubble mailer decides the price to mail it. If the 6×9 Bubble mailer has a thickness of up to 3/4, then it comes under the category of ‘Envelope’ and it can be delivered with the amount mentioned in the above table.

If the thickness of the 6×9 mailer exceeds 3/4, then it comes under the category of a ‘Package’ and you will have to check the prices of mailing a package.

A First Class package will cost you $4.50 for posting it and as the maximum weight of a package can be up to 13 ounces, it will cost you $7.65.

Benefits of a 6×9 Bubble Envelope

If you choose to post your items using a 6×9 Bubble envelope, you will get the following benefits.

  • Because the inner part of Bubble Mailer consists of Bubble wraps, so the product or item that you want to deliver through Bubble Mailer is totally safe from any kind of breakage.
  • Bubble Mailers are not affected by any kind of fall or breakage so they can be reused many times for delivering your products.
  • There are many designs and colors available for Bubble Mailer envelopes, so can deliver your product with an envelope of your choice which looks very attractive to the receiving person.
  • Bubble mailers are very small and compact, so they require the least space during storage and shipping.
  • In addition to having breakage protection, bubble mailers are also waterproof.

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