How Much is the Book of Stamps in 2024?

The cost of postal and forever stamps has increased by 3 cents this year. The Post Office issues stamps of various values and the price of each stamp book also varies. You can purchase a book of stamps from any US Post Office or online at their official website. Other than that, there are plenty of other locations where you can get stamps; like Grocery Stores, Private Mailbox Stores, Gas Stations, Walmart, Costco, and Online retailers (Amazon).

You’ll need to acquire postage stamps if you intend to mail any letters or packages. Although it is theoretically feasible to purchase a single stamp each time you require one, most people choose to buy stamp booklets to ensure that they always have stamps available when they need to mail anything.

But is this the most economical approach? Does purchasing a book of stamps still make sense in light of the rising cost of first-class mail? Or maybe buying a forever stamp book is more beneficial! Also, what number of stamps are actually included in a book, and should you buy more than one? In this article, we answer all of these concerns and more to assist you in saving money on the mail!

How many stamps are in a book?

In most cases, people use the conventional stamps we have all gotten accustomed to when mailing something through first-class mail with USPS. These have a variety of patterns that change throughout the year and are frequently updated and discontinued permanently. Each regular stamp booklet has 20 distinct first-class stamps, enough to pay the price of an envelope up to 3.5 ounces in size.

The USPS’s official website, one of several places to purchase a stamp book, provides a variety of themes. You may choose the stamp book of your choice, and the price remains the same — so does the quantity — 20 stamps in a book.

How much is a stamp book?

In 2023, a Forever Stamp cost 63 cents, and a book of stamps cost $12.60.

As we have stated above, there are a total of 20 postal stamps in a book (0.63 X 20 = 12.6).

You can purchase a Forever stamp book in the US from a wide variety of trustworthy (offline and online) retailers, such as the USPS (United States Postal Services), Walmart, the Post Office, etc.

You can receive a further discount off the list price of a Stamp book. Search through many websites to discover a reputable vendor of stamp books. If you wish to purchase stamps from a physical retailer, go to your neighborhood post office or other shops and pay the exact amount listed on the booklet.

Almost doubling in price since 2016, first-class postage stamp prices have climbed throughout the years. That is why we recommend purchasing forever stamps rather than a postal stamp book since they have a fixed value. So be sure to buy several of these in advance to avoid any last-minute expenditures.

U.S. Postal Service New Prices for 2024

Product Current Prices Planned Prices
Letters (1 oz.) 60 cents 63 cents
Letters (metered 1 oz.) 57 cents 60 cents
Domestic Postcards 44 cents 48 cents
International Postcards $1.40 $1.45
International Letter (1 oz.) $1.40 $1.45

How much is a book of stamps at the post office?

Prices for a book of stamps at the USPS website and post office are the same. A single stamp at the post office is 63 cents and a book is $12.6, in 2023.

Postal and forever stamps are easily available at your nearest post office.

Although this is given, the customer support line may be longer depending on the time of day. Utilize one of the computerized self-service kiosks (where available) if all you need are stamps; there are typically no waits to use them. You won’t be able to purchase specialty and collectible stamps, which is a drawback.

How many stamps are in a forever stamp book?

In a book of forever stamps, there are a total of 20 stamps.

Standard first-class postage stamps known as “forever” stamps offer the same benefits as first-class postage stamps. The key distinction between the two is that the cost of eternal stamps does not alter. In other words, you can purchase forever stamps at the present price and use them up until they run out. However, as postal prices fluctuate regularly, many individuals choose forever stamps over classic postal stamps.

For better understanding, let’s use an example: in February 2023, you paid $X per stamp for first-class mail. The cost of forever stamps will be $X per stamp in the same month. However, the cost of forever stamps won’t change if the price of postal stamps rises. In short, you won’t have to pay more to mail your letter.

You can still send your first-class mail with only one forever stamp, even if the price of postal stamps has doubled. Furthermore, the price of a forever stamp is fixed at the face value you paid even after years and decades pass.

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How much is a book of forever stamps?

The cost of a forever stamp was 60 cents in 2022. The price of a stamp has increased by 3 cents since last year, reaching 63 cents in 2023.

A Forever stamp is exactly what its name implies—a first-class postal stamp that you can buy and use indefinitely.

As you are aware, there are fees associated with mailing items via postal services, and these fees vary depending on what you are mailing. Your postage cost will often be affected by the weight of the envelope or package you are shipping.

There is no price listed on the Forever stamps. Therefore, you don’t need to pay any extra money in case the post office increases the price of stamps after you have bought one.

A book of forever stamps is good for use even when the cost of postal stamps increases. For example, if you had bought a forever stamp book in 2022 — at a cost of 60 cents (book at $12). Now that the price has increased to 63 cents (book at $12.6), you don’t have to add an additional 3 cents to send a post.

How much is a roll of 100 Forever stamps at the post office?

First-class forever stamps can be purchased in rolls at the post office or directly from USPS. The rolls range from 100 to 10,000.

However, there are not enough theme options when you are buying stamps in the form of rolls.

Moreover, the stamp roll prices are modified by retailers. Especially, Amazon hikes up prices by up to 50%. That is why it’s best to purchase a roll of forever stamps from the official website of USPS. As of 2023, a single forever stamp costs 63 cents. A roll of 100 ($0.63 X 100) would cost you a total of $63.

To be sure you are receiving a fair bargain, always double-check the stamp count and the kind of postage (first, second, postcard, etc.). You may have misinterpreted the stamp numbers or postage type, but there is typically a valid explanation for anything being less expensive.

A roll of 10,000 stamps would cost you $6,300.

Are all Forever Stamps the same price?

Many wonder if the forever stamp prices fluctuate as frequently as postal stamps. We have already cleared the air by mentioning that forever stamps can be used at the current rate — until they are exhausted. But the question still emerges if all forever stamps are of similar price.

Postage prices are well-tied with the effects of inflation. It is quite evident to everyone that the cost of stamps has been increasing every year — though by cents — the ultimate cost down the line will be a lot more.

Postal stamp sales account for a sizable portion of USPS earnings. So instead of allowing you to use a stamp forever, wouldn’t it make more sense for the postal service to sell stamps at rising prices? It turns out that collecting and burning the old stamps would cost far more than the money made from selling the new ones.

In the end, everyone comes out ahead. When prices are expected to increase, you can hoard stamps and avoid paying the additional cents.

Therefore approaching the question from two distinct angles. Yes, each year, the price of forever stamps fluctuates (usually increases). However, you won’t have to pay more money if you purchased a forever stamp in 2022, even if the cost increases in 2023. A forever stamp will always cost you the amount that you paid for it.

How much is a book of forever stamps at Walmart?

In the United States, stamp usage is still very widespread. Even though many grocery and drug stores have ceased to sell stamps, It’s important to know whether or not Walmart, one of the biggest supermarket chains, still continues to do so.

So does Walmart still sell stamps in 2023?


Walmart offers forever and first-class postage stamps at costs other than those listed by the USPS — both in stores and online.

Stamps are easily available in your local Walmart – visit the nearest Walmart store and head to the money center. In this section, you can find different types of stamps, money orders, wire transfers, and gift cards. In case, the Walmart you are in — does not have a money center, visit the customer service desk and the person over there can help you buy stamps. Again, prices may differ from those listed on the USPS official website. Walmart generally sells a book of 20 stamps or 100 rolls.

Additionally, Walmart has a wide selection of stamps. Along with Forever stamps, the collection includes seasonal and geographical stamps.

You can also visit the Walmart official website and type ‘Stamps’ in the search bar available on the homepage. We found a pack of 40 forever stamps for just $39.95 — that’s a steal deal. Plenty of themes are available, filter your search by quantity, brand, and retailers.

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How much is a book of Collectible Stamps?

If you’re thinking of starting a stamp collection, you should know a few basic terms. A definitive stamp is intended for everyday use, portraying the profile of the monarch on it, while commemorative stamps honor an event or theme. A used stamp is one that was postally used and bears at least part of a postmark.

Mint condition stamps are uncancelled and retain their original gum, while cancellations are markings that indicate a stamp has gone through the mail system and can’t be reused. Furthermore, perforations make individual stamps easier to separate by cutting off small pieces of paper between them.

Whether you decide to focus your collection on one particular country’s stamps or narrow it down even further to a specific event or theme (such as cats or airplanes), having a larger interest to draw upon will keep your enthusiasm alive as you explore the world through philately!

Typically, oiled paper is used to divide the postage stamps into a book of collecting stamps. The quantity of stamps in a book varies annually; typically, a collector book has 50 stamps.

Collectibles are big, hardcover booklets in comparison to postage and forever stamps. For instance, the 2018 collectible stamp yearbooks have 81 distinct stamps.

Buy collectible stamp books from the official website of USPS, Amazon, Walmart, or eBay. The cost varies on the theme, exclusivity, and quality of the stamp.

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