How Many Forever Stamps For International Letter

A letter that is destined to be posted outside your country i.e an International Letter can be sent by using Forever Stamps. The question is how many Forever Stamps you need for an International Letter?

In this topic, we will explain in detail how many Forever Stamps you are required for posting an International Letter. But before that, if you are unaware o What exactly Forever Stamps are and for what purpose they are used, then we will discuss this in brief.

Why did Forever Stamps need International Letters?

Postage Stamps are used for hundreds of years for sending letters to your friends or relatives. Sending letters has changed to digital and you now send your messages or letters through e-mails i.e electronic mails. But still, there are many situations in which you can’t send your message digitally. Some of these situations are: you have to send your original documents, wedding invitations, or any other physical papers to some other person.

In such situations, there is a need for Stamps for posting your letters either domestically or internationally.

You can post your International Letters by using Forever Stamps which are the Stamps whose values never change and last Forever. These Stamps are known as Forever Stamps because they remain valid for an indefinite period of time.

How Many Forever Stamps for International Letter

As described above, you can send an International Letter using Forever Stamps, also known as Global Forever Stamps. Global Forever Stamps work simply like normal Domestic Forever Stamps, the only difference is that they are intended for delivery in Foreign countries.

You can simply differentiate between Domestic and International Forever Stamps by checking the following.

  • There is ‘Forever’ printed on Domestic Forever Stamps.
  • There is ‘Global’ printed on the International Forever Stamps.
  • Year ‘2013’ or ‘2016’ is printed on the International Stamps, but it has nothing to do with the date of printing of International Stamps.
  • Picture of ‘Moon’ is printed on ‘International Forever Stamps’

If your letter which you want to send Internationally has a weight of up to 1 Ounce, you just need one Global Forever Stamp for its postage.

You can also post your International letter by using simple Forever Stamps and you can send an International Letter with the help of 3 Normal Forever Stamps.

The number of Forever Stamps that are required for an International Letter depends upon the following:

  • How large your International Letter is in Size
  • How much is the weight of your International Letter
  • What is the class of International letter i.e First Class or something else?

How Much is the Cost of Forever Stamps for an International Letter?

A Global Forever Stamp currently costs $1.40 and you can post your International Letter less than or up to 1 ounce by using 1 Global Forever Stamp.

On the other hand, if you want to send an International letter by using Normal Forever Stamps, then you will need at least Forever Stamps. At this point in time, a single Forever Stamp is priced at $0.60 so 3 Forever Stamps for an International letter will cost your $0.60*3=$1.80.

Therefore considering the cost, using one Global Forever Stamp is always better to send your International Letter than using 3 Forever Stamps.

Keep in mind that, you can send an International letter by using Global Forever Stamps only if its weight is up to 2 Ounces. For extra weight, you will have to use additional Forever Stamps. An International Letter of up to 2 Ounces using Global Forever Stamps will cost up to $2.80.

How to Sent an International Letter using Forever Stamps?

To send a letter internationally you have to consider some points. Take care of the below steps to send an International Letter.

  • First of all, you must check the International mailing standards of the USPS and the country to which you want to send your letter.
  • Select an International shipping service. It is advised to choose USPS International shipping services.
  • Get an international letter/package box ready.
    Address your International letter.
  • Determine the postage and stamps needed for your international letter.
  • Fill out the Customer Forms to send your International letter.
  • Now you are ready to post your International Letter/Package.

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