Does USPS Deliver on Sunday – Priority Mail & Amazon Packages?

All postage-related services in the USA are handled and organized by USPS, which stands for United States Postal Services. If you want to send a letter or envelope in the USA or internationally, then it is a very simple process. The most important thing is that you choose the right method of sending your letter or package. The first thing is you choose the right envelope and correct postage for the delivery of your letter or package.

USPS is the best and probably the cheapest and most reliable method of delivering your letters or packages to the destination.

The traditional way of sending letters to your loved ones, relatives, or friends has become extinct because of social media, email, and instant messaging services like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. But still, there is a great need to send your messages or packages like documents or small items through the post, which can be done easily by USPS. You can’t send anything like physical documents, papers, books, etc to anyone online. For that, you have to choose some postage or shipping services, and USPS is the number one and best choice for that.

When you have to send any package or letter within the USA or internationally, then nothing is better than the USPS shipping option, but the question that arises among most people is whether USPS delivers on Sundays or weekends. So here in this article, we analyze in detail about does USPS delivers on Sunday. Let’s go into depth about this.

Does USPS deliver on Sunday?

There are many shipping services in the USA. But the most convenient and cheapest one is undoubtedly the USPS. Here, we will explain how to send your letters or packages within the USA or from the USA to any other country through USPS. While sending any letter or parcel through USPS, you should take into consideration some aspects.

When you choose a shipping service, you must take care that your goods and products, including letters, envelopes, or packages, arrive on time at the destination without any harm or physical damage. If you want to know if USPS delivers on Sundays, then the simple answer to this question would be ‘YES’ USPS delivers on Sundays, but that is only of two categories, which are USPS Priority Mail Express and Amazon Packages.

We will discuss both these methods in detail below:

Does USPS deliver Priority Mail Express on Sunday?

If you have a letter or package to be posted through USPS, then you can take advantage of one of the two most affordable services, which are USPS Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express. You can post your package easily and quickly by using any of these USPS services, but the best method is USPS Priority Mail Express because it lets you send your package or letter much faster, and they can be delivered any day of the week.

It means that if you choose to send your letter or package through USPS Priority Mail Express, then you will also be able to get them on Sundays.

If you select USPS Priority Mail Express as your delivery or shipping partner, then you can expect it to be shipped in one day or a maximum of 2 days after the date of posting, and that’s why this service is also known as Overnight service.

USPS Priority Mail Express is one of those shipping services in the country that is not closed any day in a year, and there are holidays for this service, which simply means that you can expect your package to be delivered on even Sunday.

Does USPS deliver Amazon packages on Sunday?

If you have ordered something from Amazon and your delivery partner is USPS, then you can get your order delivered on Sundays. This is possible because of a deal between USPS and Amazon in the year 2013. According to this partnership, any package that is delivered from Amazon through USPS can be received on Weekends, including Sundays. A point here to note is that you will have to pay some extra cost to have your packages delivered from Amazon on Sunday.

By making the above-mentioned deal with USPS, Amazon has activated the delivery of your parcels and packages on Sundays.

Amazon’s Sunday delivery service is helpful for you if you are traveling and out of your home or office from Monday to Saturday. In this case, you would want to get your packages ordered from Amazon through USPS on Sunday. The process of doing this is very simple, as mentioned below:

  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • Order any product from Amazon and click on the top drop-down menu to choose the ‘Weekend Delivery’ option.
  • If you want to receive your package on Sunday through Amazon, you will have to select ‘This Address can Receive deliveries on Sundays.’
  • After selecting this option, you will now be able to deliver your packages from Amazon through USPS on Sunday.

Does USPS Deliver First-class packages on Sunday?

If you want to know if USPS delivers first-class packages on Sunday, then the simple answer to this is ‘NO.’ It means you won’t be able to get your First Class packages delivered on Sunday because, as discussed above, USPS delivers only Priority Mails and Amazon packages on Sunday. First-class Mail is different from priority mail, which we will explain below.

First Class Mail service of USPS is used when you have to send a normal letter, bill, or invoice within the USA. By a normal letter, we mean a letter that has a weight of 1 oz to 3.5 oz. If you want to send a package through USPS First Class Mailing service, then the maximum weight allowed is up to 13 Pounds.

First-class Mail and Priority Mail have some differences between them, and the main difference between these two types of mailing is the weight. The maximum weight of a letter or package that is allowed through First Class Mail is up to 3.5, whereas, with Priority Mail, you can send a package of up to 70 lbs.

So for a letter or package to get delivered on Sunday, it has to be sent through Priority Mail Express service, not as First Class Mail.

What Time Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

There is no exact time for getting your packages delivered on Sunday through USPS. As you know from the above, your packages through USPS can be delivered either through USPS priority mail services or through Amazon.

When you ship a package through USPS Priority Mail Express, it is likely that the order will be delivered by 10 to 11 AM on Sunday.

Your package delivered through USPS Priority Mail Express will not be delivered later than 7 PM.

When you purchase anything from a physical store, then you will get it immediately without any delay. You will get your product purchased immediately without waiting for the time that you need to make the payment.

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world, and they are continually working to break this barrier of delivering products late. It has now made it possible to receive your ordered products within one day, and you can expect these products to be delivered on Sunday, also in the early hours.

When you order a package from Amazon through USPS, it is likely that you will get it between 8 AM and 10 AM.

How Much Does USPS Sunday Delivery Cost?

Receiving your package on Weekdays may be difficult because of your unavailability due to office hours or some outings. Therefore, it is ideal to choose a shipping service like Priority Mail Express that can deliver your letters or packages on Sundays.

With Priority Mail Express services, you can choose your package to be delivered on weekends, including Sundays. Since the Priority Mail Express service of USPS provides the convenience of receiving your parcels on Sunday, it is obvious that you will have to pay something extra.

To send a normal package through USPS Priority Mail Express service, you will be charged $26.75.

But if you choose USPS Priority Mail Express for Sunday delivery, then you will have to pay an extra cost of about $12.50.

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