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We all have to do the shopping and therefore we go to the shopping centers or supermarkets to buy things that we need. Safeway is one such supermarket chain that has stores in the primarily USA and Canada and sells many times of products. Safeway is a retail and wholesale store that sells everything from clothing to grocery items. Safeway is known for the low prices of its products and great deals. This store has electronics, toys, outdoor gadgets, clothing, crafts, appliances, and much more. The topic of our discussion in this article is Does Safeway Sell Stamps?. The answer to this question is ‘YES’. It means that you can buy USPS Stamps from Safeway stores.

How to Buy Stamps from Safeway?

To buy the Stamps from Safeway stores, you will have to follow the below steps:

  • You will first have to check the nearest Safeway store.
  • When you locate a nearby store of Safeway in your city, you will have to go there.
  • Once you visit a store of Safeway, you will have to directly move to the Customer Support counter or the checkout counters.
  • In most of the stores of Safeway, Stamps can be easily found at the cash counters, but if not available there, you should contact the customer support desk so that they will let you know the exact location or counter from where you can get the Stamps.
  • Choose the Stamps from the list of available Stamps at the counter.
  • Make the payment at the checkout counter, for which you can choose one of the many available payment methods.
  • The USPS Stamps will be yours once you have made the payment.

So just follow the above-mentioned Stamps to buy Stamps from the Safeway store.

How to Buy Stamps online from Safeway?

Safeway has an official website which can visit through this link: The official website of Safeway has listed all the products like Grocery items, Toys, Electronics, Pharmacies, and a lot more. You can purchase any of the above and thousands of other items online from the Safeway store, but unluckily the Stamps can not be purchased online from the Safeway website.

Safeway is selling USPS Stamps currently only through its physical stores. The process of buying Stamps offline from the stores of Safeway is already explained above.

What is the Cost of Stamps at Safeway?

Safeway stores are known for selling many household and daily need products at very genuine prices and the cost of buying USPS Stamps from Safeway is not more than any other store from where you can buy Stamps.

Safeway sells USPS Forever First Class Stamps which can be purchased as booklets of 20 Stamps. To post a standard letter that is below or up to one ounce, you need Forever Stamps. So you can easily post your standard letter by purchasing Forever Stamps from Safeway.

The current price of one Forever Stamp is $0.58 as decided by the USPS. So a book of 20 Stamps can be purchased from Safeway at the price of $11.60.

Cost of Stamps at Safeway: $11.60 per 20 Stamps

What are the Operating Hours of Safeway Stores?

Like most of the grocery stores and supermarkets in the USA, Safeway also does not operate for 24 hours. They have some fixed timings which are followed by all Safeway stores which are spread all over the country.

Safeway stores usually remain open for seven days of the week. Safeway stores are closed only on some National Holidays. The biggest plus of Safeway stores is that they are open on Sundays also although the working hours on Sunday are less compared to other days.

  • Working hours of Safeway stores for Monday to Saturday: 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM
  • Working hours of Safeway stores for Sunday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM or 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

How to Find Nearest Safeway Locations?

There are around 906 stores of Safeway located along in the USA. These stores are located in the 18 States of the USA. With a total of 243 stores, California is the state having the largest number of Safeway stores. Washington is the second on the list with a total of 179 stores and Colorado is the third with 103 stores. The remaining stores of Safeway are located in the many other states of the USA. You can easily locate a Safeway store in your city or nearby area by following the below steps:

  • Open the official store locator link of Safeway by clicking here
  • Here you will see a list of all the States of the USA where Safeway stores are located.
  • You will have to either enter your Zip Code or City in the search box.
  • You can also click on the ‘Use My Location’ link to pick your location automatically.
  • By choosing any of the other options, a list of stores located in your city or the State will appear to you.

What are the different Types of Stamps available at Safeway?

The Stamps are sold by Safeway in groups or bundles which are often known as books. A book of Stamps at Safeway contains 20 Stamps which are only USPS Forever First Class Stamps.

Stamps are not available at Safeway as an individual or single units but you will always be in benefit when you buy books of Stamps because as mentioned above these are Forever Stamps and their value remains the same for your lifetime.

Why should you Buy Postage Stamps from Safeway?

There are many advantages of buying USPS Postage Stamps from Safeway stores.

  • Safeway stores sell Stamps at the normal prices which are the same as USPS official stores.
  • You can also find some deals or offers on purchasing USPS Stamps from Safeway.
  • Stamps can be purchased from Safeway stores on Sunday also because they are open seven days of the week.
  • The working hours of Safeway stores are longer than USPS official Post Offices, so you can buy Stamps in the night also.
  • There are thousands of Safeway stores located in various cities of the USA, so you can easily get a Safeway store in your city or nearby location.
  • Buying Stamps from Safeway stores does not require extra effort, you can purchase Stamps easily while doing the shopping of your daily needed items.
  • You can also check the complete address of the Safeway store in that location along with the opening and closing hours.

About Safeway?

Safeway is a multinational Supermarket Chain that originated in the United States and was established by Marion Barton Skaggs in the year 1907. To date, it is providing its services in 18 States of the USA and many parts of Canada also. Earlier Safeway stores used to sell many types of products main of which includes Daily products, frozen foods, bakery, grocery items, medicines, and a lot more daily need products.

Safeway has now established itself as a top name in the supermarket industry which is providing the facility of buying USPS Forever First Class Stamps.

You can easily find a Safeway store in your nearby location because they have around 1000 stores in the USA alone and can buy the Stamps at nominal prices within a few minutes.


From the above article, it is clear that Safeway is the top store in the USA which is mainly known for selling grocery and household items.

Apart from selling grocery and household items, Safeway is providing various postage-related services also like selling USPS Forever Stamps.

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