Do Gas Stations Sell Stamps – Price, Types

If you have a need to send some letters or postcards, then you will have the requirement of USPS Postage Stamps which can be purchased from many places including offline as well as online. If you are looking for Do Gas Stations Sell Stamps?, then we will say Yeah, there are many Gas Stations in the USA that are completely authorized to sell Postage Stamps of various kinds.

In this article, we will explain in detail, how to buy Stamps from Gas Stations, what are types of Stamps available at Gas Stations, and What is the cost.

How to Buy Stamps from Gas Stations?

Buying USPS Postage Stamps from Gas Stations is very easy because Gas Stations are easily available nearby your location and are open day and night. Stamps are usually available at the Cash Counters of the Gas Stations. To buy Stamps from Gas Stations you will have to follow the below steps.

  • The first step is always to find a Gas Station nearby you.
  • Visit the Gas Station physically and locate the Cash Counter of that station.
  • You will see an attendant or customer care executive at the Cash Counter.
  • Then you will have to ask him/her for the desired type of Stamps that you want to buy.
  • Tell him the number of Stamps that you want to have.
  • Check for the payment of the steps that you need to purchase.
  • Make the payment to the respective person.
  • He will then hand over the Stamps to you.

What Kind of Stamps Do Gas Stations Sell?

Postage Stamps are categorized into various themes, types, and numbers. Some popular types of Postage Stamps are Non-denominational First Class Stamps which are also popularly known as Forever Stamps. Then there come the additional Postage Stamps which are required for the Postage of extra ounce weighing letters. The good news is that all the above-mentioned type of Stamps are available at most of the Gas Stations which sell Stamps.

These Stamps are further categorized into themes. Some of these different themed Stamps that you can buy from Gas Stations are:

  • Christmas Themed Forever Stamps
  • Wedding Themed Forever Stamps
  • USA Flag Forever Stamps
  • Barn Postcard Forever Stamps
  • Mountain Flora Flowers Stamps and a lot more.

What is the Cost of Stamps at Gas Stations?

An important thing before discussing the prices of Stamps at Gas Stations is that stamps can be purchased as single units, in the form of books, sheets, and Rolls from the Gas Stations. So the price of purchasing Stamps from Gas Stations depends upon the number of Stamps that you buy. We have listed the basic price structure of buying Stamps from Gas Stations.

Price of one Forever Stamps

Forever Stamps whose value remains the same for a lifetime can be purchased currently at a price of $0.60 per Stamp from Gas Stations.

Price of Forever Stamps Sheet at Gas Stations

A sheet of Stamps which contains normally 20 Stamps per Sheet can be purchased at a price of $12 from Gas Stations.

Price Forever Stamps Book at Gas Stations

Stamps books which also contain 20 Stamps per book can be purchased at a starting price of $12 from your nearby Gas Stations

Price of Stamps Roll at Gas Stations

If you have a requirement for multiple stamps then the best is to buy the Stamps Roll which contains around 100 Stamps per Roll. The starting price of one Stamp Roll of 100 units at Gas Stations is usually $60.

Please note that the price of all the above-mentioned types of Stamps may vary depending on the theme.

What are the Opening & Closing Hours of Gas Stations

Gas Stations come in the category of those services which operate for large hours compared to other businesses. In USA Gas Stations are allowed to operate 24/7 and provide Gas and other services during these hours. Still, you will not find all Gas Stations open day and night.

Some Gas Stations operate full and night from where you can buy Stamps at any time. Suppose you need a Stamp at late night say 2:00, then just located your nearby Gas Station, visit there, and buy the necessary Stamps.

Some Gas Stations work till late at night say, 12:00 PM, but not for 24 hours. So the timings of all Gas Stations in the USA are not same and need to check for that.

Most Gas Stations are open from Monday to Sunday but remain close on some National Holidays like Christmas, Easter, etc.

How to Locate a Gas Station nearby you?

In a recent report, there are about 168,000 Gas Stations or filling stations. These Gas Stations are run by various different companies which have chains of Gas Stations in different States and cities of the USA.

Although not all of these Gas Stations are authorized to sell Postage Stamps, still the number of Stations selling Stamps is quite high. So you will easily find a Gas Station nearby you from where you can have your desired type of Stamps by visiting there anytime.

You can easily locate your nearest Stamps selling Gas Station by simply searching ‘Gas Stations nearby me’. This will show you a list of Gas Stations located nearby you.

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