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Circle K is one of the largest convenience stores and gas station chains in the USA. Circle K is basically a mini market chain which are small outlets located at places such as Gas Stations that have a high flow of customers. Circle K stores sell products that do not satisfy the daily needs of buyers but still sell items that are very essential.

From Circle k Stores you can buy Food and beverages such as Sandwiches, Coffee, Gift Cards, Groceries, Soft drinks, and a few other products.

If you are here to know does Circle K also sells Postage Stamps, then we will say ‘YES’ Circle K sell Stamps issued by USPS.

How to Buy Stamps from Circle K?

When you go to a Circle K store for buying any grocery or Food items or for filling Gas in your vehicle, you can purchase the Postage Stamps at the same time without anything extra needed. Buying Stamps from Circle K is a little different from buying any other item.

Just follow the below steps to buy Stamps from Circle K

  • You may not find the Stamps displayed in front of you when you visit your nearby Circle K store.
  • For getting the Stamps, go to the Cashier counter of the particular Circle K store you are visiting.
  • Request the stamps from Cashier that you want to buy from Circle K.
  • The cashier will generate a payment receipt for the Stamps.
  • After making the payment with your desired payment methods, you can grab the Stamps from the Circle K store.

What type of Stamps does Circle K Sell?

Stamps of only the Forever First Class category by sold by most of the stores of Circle K. A single postage stamp can not be purchased from Circle K store. Stamps at Circle K store are available only in batches of 20 which are also known as booklets or Sheets.

Various themes of these Forever Stamps can be purchased from Circle K stores by demanding them from the Cashier.

Different Forever Stamps that you can buy from Circle K Stores are:

  • Holiday Forever Stamps
  • Wedding Invitation Forever Stamps
  • Love Stamps Garden Beauty Stamps
  • Mountain Flora Forever Stamps
  • Barn Postcard Forever Postage

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Circle K?

Circle K sell Stamps only in the form of booklets, so for a book or sheet of 20 Stamps, the cost at Circle K will be $12.00 because of the $0.60 price per Forever Stamp which is standard for all stamps selling dealer as it is set by USPS.

For buying this quantity of Stamps from the USPS Post office you will have to give the same cost.

The reason for selling the stamps at the same price by Circle k is that they have got authorization from USPS and they can’t get an extra charge for the same amount of Stamps.

The cost of stamps at Circle K for 20 Units was $11.60 but it was increased recently due to a rise in the per Stamps price by USPS from $0.58 to $.60.

Some savings can also be done by purchasing Stamps in multiple units.

How to Find Nearest Circle K Store?

There are more than 15000 stores of Circle K throughout the world and out of these stores, 7230 stores are located only in the USA. These stores of Circle K not only sell Fuel, Gas but also essential items. You can purchase Stamps also from these Circle K stores by finding your nearest location by following the below steps.

  • Visit the official website of Circle K by clicking here
  • After opening the website of Circle K, you will see the ‘Store Locator link in the top.
  • Click on this ‘Store Locator’ link to find the nearest store of Circle K.
  • You can find your nearest ‘Convenience Store’ or ‘Gas Station’ of Circle K by typing your City, Street, or Zip code in the search field.
  • All stores of Circle K in that location will appear to you which you can visit for purchasing your required Postage Stamps.

Circle K website has a dedicated page also where all their stores are listed. This page can be visited by clicking here

About Circle K

Circle K, which is a convenience store chain in the USA was founded in 1951. In these several years of operations, Circle K has continuously expanded its branches and area of services.

In terms of branches, Circle K is only second after 7-Eleven. In addition to being one of the largest Convenience store chains, Circle k is also one of the oldest and this is the reason it is one of the most reliable convenience store chains in the USA.

Circle K stores are open for long hours and 7 days a week. These stores sell all essential food and household products at discounted prices.

USPS Postage Stamps especially Forever First Class Stamps can also be now purchased from Circle K stores which is another feather in the achievements of this Convenience store chain giant.

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