Does Kroger Sell Stamps – Forever, Books of Stamps Online

Kroger is an American retail and supermarket store company that has been in the United States since 1883. Kroger was founded by Bernard Kroger and since its establishment has evolved as a huge supermarket chain in the USA. Kroger has over 30000stores in the USA.

If you want to know does Kroger Sell Stamps, then the answer to this question is ‘YES’. Kroger has started selling Postage Stamps in collaboration with USPS i.e United States Postal Services. Kroger has the simplest and easy platform for buying the USPS Stamps.

How to Buy Stamps from Kroger?

First, we will explain to you, how you can buy USPS First Class Forever Stamps from Kroger offline through its stores.

  • The first step in purchasing Stamps from Kroger is that locate a store nearby you.
  • Because Kroger is one of the top retail chains in the USA, so you easily find out a store in your city.
  • Stamps are usually available in the form of books at Kroger Stores.
  • The books have 20 to 30 Stamps per unit.
  • After finding a nearby Kroger store, visit the store and directly head to the customer service or checkout section of the store.
  • There you will find the USPS Forever Category Stamps.
  • Pick the type and quantity of Stamps that you want to buy.
  • Go to the cashier section for payment.
  • Make the payment with any of the available payment methods.
  • Now you are done with buying USPS First Class Forever Category Stamps from Kroger.

How to Buy Stamps from Kroger Online?

Sadly Kroger doesn’t sell Stamps online. At present time, you can’t buy Stamps from Kroger Online. The only way to purchase Stamps from Kroger is to visit its physical stores located near to you. So just visit the nearest store and buy the Stamps you want.

What is the Cost of Stamps at Kroger?

There is not much difference in the prices when you purchase Stamps from Kroger or the Official provider of Stamps i.e USPS. The prices are almost similar. The price of one USPS Forever First Class Stamp at the current time is $0.63 cents. USPS Post offices also sell the Stamps at the same prices.

But when you purchase Stamps from Kroger in multiple units, then you will get various discounts and offers. As mentioned above, Kroger Sells stamps in the form of books having around 30 Stamps per book, so if you go for buying a book of Stamps then you will be able to save a few cents.

For example, to purchase a book of 20 USPS Forever Stamps at Kroger, you will have to pay a total of $12.60 and it will save you $0.06 per stamp. So buying a book of Stamps instead of single Stamps will definitely save you some amount at Kroger.

What are the different Types of Stamps available at Kroger?

Kroger sells Stamps in the booklets which may contain 20 to 100 Stamps per book. Although you will find Stamps in bulk from Kroger, you will not be able to buy Single Stamps and also there is not much choice when you go for the categories of Stamps. The reason for this is, that the only type of Stamps that can be purchased from Kroger is USPS Forever First Class Stamps.

The additional and other regular Stamps are not available at the Kroger Stores. But there is a good variety of Forever Stamps at Kroger. Like you can purchase the below type of Forever Category Stamps from Kroger, especially for the holidays.

  • Forever Holiday Stamps for Christmas
  • Forever Holiday Stamps for Hanukkah
  • Forever Holiday Stamps for Kwanzaa

Apart from that, there few other categories of holidays and Stamps related to some major events.

Does Kroger Sell Forever Stamps?

Yes, Kroger does sell Forever Stamps. USPS issues various kind of Postage Stamps which comes in different shapes and designs, but the most common of these Stamps nowadays are Forever Stamps which have gained huge popularity in the USA since their release in 2007. Forever Stamps like normal Stamps are practically used for sending letters and packages through United States Postage services but the main difference and advantage of Forever Stamps over normal Stamps is that they can be used at the same value after many years.

So now you are aware of the fact that you can buy Forever Stamps from Kroger, but does Kroger Sell a book of Stamps, then ‘YES’, as we have mentioned in the above paragraph, you can book Stamps from Kroger.

Therefore you can buy Forever Stamps from your nearest collect Forever Stamps and collect them for future purposes when there is a need to send letters in bulk.

Does Kroger Sell Envelopes?

You can also buy Envelopes also from a Kroger store. You normally go to your nearest post office for buying Stamps which sometimes may be time-consuming due to the queue there. But by visiting your nearest Kroger Store, you can also add Envelopes also into your shopping Cart. Envelopes can also be purchased from Kroger through their online Portal.

As you know Kroger provides various services to its customers and the option of buying Envelopes for sending your letters is one of these important services that you can available from Kroger at online and offline stores.

When you go to your closest Kroger store, you will find many types of Envelopes that are very convenient to buy and can be purchased at the same time while doing your daily or weekly shopping.

You will have thousands of different types of Envelopes to buy from Kroger. Some of the popular types of Envelopes available at Kroger and their prices are:

  • Office Works Strip and Seal Security Envelopes – $2.99
  • Top Flight Clasp Envelop – $3.49
  • Paper Accents Heavy Card Stock Cards and Envelopes – $18.91

How to Find Nearest Kroger Locations?

Most USA citizens know that Walmart is the no. 1 retail chain in the USA, but do you know who comes next?. Well, Kroger is at the 2nd spot when it comes to the number of retail stores. It has more than 3000 stores in 33 states of the USA. And you will definitely find a store of Kroger nearby you. If you have changed the physical address that has been moved to a new location and don’t know the Kroger store nearby you, then we will help you here to locate a Kroger store near you.

To find a nearby Kroger Store to buy USPS Forever First Class Stamps you need to open official website of Kroger i.e

When you open up the above link, you will only have to fill in your physical address, city name, street name, etc. After entering this information, the list of nearby Kroger Stores will be displayed in front of you which can visit to buy the desired USPS Forever Stamps.

What are the Working hours of Kroger Stores?

The biggest plus of buying USPS Stamps from Kroger Stores is that you can buy them even late at night because the Kroger Stores in some parts of the USA are open till 1:00 AM except few National holidays. So no matter, whether it’s day or night, you can have the Stamps from Kroger.

It is always a good idea to collect and Store Postage Stamps in advance at your home so that you can use them anytime when you need them. But no problem, if there is an urgent need for Stamps because Kroger stores are always there to help with any of your days as well as occasional needs like Stamps. Most Stores of Kroger in the USA open at 6:00 AM and they work till 1:00 AM.

What Time Does Kroger Store Open?

The opening timings of Kroger stores are:

  • Mon –7:00 AM
  • Tue –7:00 AM
  • Wed -7:00 AM
  • Thu -7:00 AM
  • Fri -7:00 AM
  • Sat -7:00 AM
  • Sun -7:00 AM

What Time Does Kroger Store Close?

The closing timings of Kroger stores are:

  • Mon –1:00 AM
  • Tue 1:00 AM
  • Wed 1:00 AM
  • Thu 1:00 AM
  • Fri 1:00 AM
  • Sat 1:00 AM
  • Sun 1:00 AM

Why should you buy Postage stamps from Kroger?

There are many benefits and advantages of buying USPS Stamps from Kroger, some of them are:

  • There are around 3000 stores of Kroger in the USA, so you can easily locate a store near your location and get the Stamps by visiting there.
  • Purchasing stamps from Kroger is very easy and quick because you just have to visit the checkout counter of Kroger Store and select the Stamps that you want.
  • You will have the choice to make the payment of Stamps in many ways like Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc.
  • There are many rewards and discounts offered by Kroger to its customers for buying Stamps.
  • More discounts are provided when you will bulk or booklet of Stamps from Kroger.
  • You can decide how many Stamps you need for your letter or parcels because there are weight machines available at the Stores of Kroger.

About Kroger

Kroger was opened as a small grocery store in the United States by Bernard Kroger in 1883. The first branch of Kroger was opened in Cincinnati, Ohio and then it slowly expanded its area of service and products that are delivered. At this point in time, Kroger is the second-largest retail store in the USA after Walmart and has more than 2700 warehouses. Apart from selling Grocery items, Kroger also has fuel centers, pharmacies, department stores, jewelry stores, and in-house medical stores in many cities of the USA.

Kroger has now extended its business by adding USPS Stamps to the list of products that it sells.

Conclusion: Does Kroger Sell Stamps?

From the above, post we are clearly understood that Kroger has emerged as one of the top platforms for selling USPS Stamps in the USA which sells Stamps in books of 20 or 30 Stamps per book. You will be able to buy books of Stamps from Kroger at very low prices compared to many other Stamps sellers. Kroger has one drawback you can not buy Stamps in a single unit.

But there are many rewards and offers that you can get while purchasing Stamps from Kroger Stores.

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