Does UPS Store Sell Forever, Books Stamps Online

UPS Store is a postage service company that is owned and operated by UPS i.e United Parcel Service. Are you looking to does UPS Store sell Postage Stamps in the USA, then the simple answer to this question is ‘YES’, you can buy Postage Stamps from various stores UPS.

UPS stores are responsible for offering various services to the people of the USA and some of these services include Shipping, Return Receipts guaranteed delivery service, Printing, Fax, Passport Photos, Personal and business mail boxes, and many other postage.

Let’s explain in detail, how you can buy Stamps from UPS stores, what is the cost, and more.

How to Buy Stamps at UPS Store?

There are thousands of USP Stores located in the USA. To buy a Stamp and for any taking benefits of various services of UPS like Shipping, Packing, Printing, Mail boxing, etc, you have to visit your nearest UPS Store. Follow the below steps to buy Postage Stamps from UPS Stores:

  • Locate a UPS Store nearby you and go there for buying Stamps.
  • Once you visit your nearest UPS store, head to the counter from where you can buy stamps.
  • Ask the desired type of Stamps from the salesperson or the attendant.
  • You will then be required to make the payment with your preferred method of payment.
  • Your needed Stamps will be in your hands quickly.

So above are the simple steps to buy Postage Stamps from UPS Stores.

You can also buy Stamps from UPS Store online through their official website By visiting this website of UPS, you can easily purchase Stamps from your home and the Stamps will be delivered to your home within 48 hours

What Kind Of Stamps Does UPS Store Sell?

Currently, it’s not possible to purchase individual Stamps from UPS Stores, you can buy a booklet or sheet of Stamp from the UPS Stores. You can purchase books of 20 Stamps from the UPS Stores. These Stamps are mainly First Class Forever Stamps. Since these are Forever Stamps, they are valid for a lifetime even if there is an increase in the price of Stamps by USPS in the future.

When you visit a UPS Store, then you can easily identify these stamps to differentiate them from other Stamps. US Flag is printed on all the Stamps sold at UPS stores which clearly indicates that these are the USPS Postage Stamps.

How Much is the Cost of Stamps at UPS?

The UPS Stores sell Stamps at the same cost that you can buy from your nearest USPS Post Office. Since you are not able to buy individual Stamps from UPS Store, you have to buy books or sheets of Stamps. The benefit of buying multiple stamps in the form of books is that you will be able to save some money.

Forever Stamps price has been increased by USPS recently and one Forever Stamp currently costs you $0.60. At UPS stores you will get the Stamps at the same price i.e $0.60. A book of 20 Stamps can therefore be purchased from the UPS store at the cost of $0.60×20=$12.00

What are the operating hours of UPS Stores?

The greatest advantage of UPS stores compared to other stores in the USA which sell postage Stamps is that their stores are open for long hours and are also open even on Saturday and Sunday. Stamps can be purchased from UPS stores on some official holidays like Christmas, Easter, etc because the UPS stores are closed on these holidays.

The regular working hours of UPS Stores are listed below. You can visit the UPS stores during these working hours to buy Postage Stamps.

  • Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 7:30 pm
  • Saturday: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

How to Locate a Nearest UPS Store?

There are around 5300 Stores of UPS located in different cities in the USA and Canada. You can go to these stores during the hours mentioned above for any Postage related services including buying Stamps. It is very easy to find a UPS store located nearby you. Follow the below steps to find your nearest UPS store:

  • Visit the official website of UPS through this link:
  • When you open the UPS website, you see a ‘Quick Start’ option on the home page.
  • Click on this option and here you will see the ‘Find a Store’ option.
  • You will be redirected to a new window, where you will see a ‘Search Box’
  • Enter your City name or Zip Code to search UPS stores in your area.
  • Click on Submit and then see the nearest UPS store in your location.
  • The complete address of the UPS store in that location appears to you.
    You can also check the Working hours of that store.

About UPS Store?

As we have mentioned on top that the parent company of UPS Store is United Services Parcel. The UPS Store was earlier known as ‘Mail Boxes’ and it was originally founded on 01 Aug 1980. This company was renamed to its current name i.e ‘The UPS Store in the year 2003. The headquarters of The UPS Store is located in San Diego, California. In addition to the USA, The UPS Store also serves many areas of Canada.

The main areas of The UPS Store services are Print, Pack & Ship, Mailboxes, and Small Business Services. Along with the Postage and shipping services, UPS Store also sells various Stationery products. But the most important and useful service of The UPS Store is that you can buy Stamps of various kinds easily.

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