What are Forever Stamps – How Much are Forever Stamps

Postage Stamps are issued by USPS i.e United States Postal Services all over the USA. Samps are made up of a special type of paper that is used for many years to send or receive your posts, letters, and packages from one location to another.

Postage Stamps play an important role in sending messages and communication through the posts. As today is the era of technology and many online communication methods like emails, messengers like Whatsapp, etc are in use, so the use of traditional Posts is limited but still, the use of traditional posts is in use in various areas all over the world including the USA.

USPS issues a special type of Stamp which is known as a Forever Stamp. Forever Stamps were launched by USPS in the year 2007 and since then are in use for all types of postal service. Forever Stamps are also known as First-class stamps and they are non-denominational. By non-denominational we can understand that Forever Stamps remains the same all the time. In other words, if you buy a Forever Stamp in the year 2022 and its price increases after a few years but your old Stamp will be valid and there will be no change in its price.

We can explain this with an easy example. Suppose you purchase a Forever Stamp in the year 2022 at a price of $0.50 cents and in the year 2024 its price increases to $0.60, but you will still be able to send a post by using your Forever Stamp purchased at cost of $0.50.

How to use Forever Stamps and how do they work?

Forever Stamps can be easily recognized because the word “Forever” is printed on them. Forever Stamps are basically used for sending posts or letter which weighs up to one ounce or 28.35 grams. So if your letter is less or up to 1 ounce then you can post it by pasting a Forever Stamp on it. But keep in mind that, if your letter is more than one ounce in weight, then it will not be delivered by using Forever Stamp. So to post a letter having a weight of more than one ounce you will have to past other Stamps also along with Forever Stamp.

Also, make sure that you don’t paste two Forever Stamps for delivering letters that are over one ounce because if you place other Stamps than Forever Stamps for posting these types of letters then it will be less expensive than using additional Forever Stamps.

The prices of Forever Stamps keep on increasing from time to time. When they were first released in the year 2007, then their price was 41 cents. If we talk about the year 2023, the current price of Forever Stamps is 63 cents. USPS, who is responsible for issuing Forever Stamps increases the price of Forever Stamps. But USPS is not authorized to increase the price of Forever Stamps by taking a decision at its own end, the increase in the price of Forever Steps depends upon the rise in inflation and this price increase is decided by Postal Regulatory Commission when a request comes from USPS after inflation rise.

What is Forever Stamp value or price in 2023?

As mentioned above the price of a single Forever Stamp in the year 2023 is 63 cents. It was recently raised by USPS from 58 cents to 60 cents in year 2022 and then to 63 cents in 2023. Word “Forever” is printed on the Forever Stamps and this is the basic identification of these Stamps. As dollar amount or value is not printed on Forever Stamps, a question arises in most people’s minds what is the value or worth of Forever Stamps at any present day, then the simple answer to this question is that you can know the price of Forever Stamp by visiting the official website of USPS.

In addition to sending a post or letter, there are some other uses of Forever Stamps also and one such use is to join or enter Sweepstakes contests in the USA.

So by using a Forever Stamp that you purchased suppose yesterday, you can join a sweepstakes contest or post a letter even after a few days or a few years, even if the price of Forever Stamp increases at that time.

Types of Forever Stamps

Forever Stamps have different categories and types. Some of the popular Categories of Forever Stamps are given below:

  • Wedding Forever Stamps
  • Boutonniere Forever Stamps
  • Barn Postcard Forever Stamps
  • Star Ribbon Strip Forever Stamps
  • Mid Atlantic Lighthouses Forever Stamps
  • Tulips Forever Stamps

Do Forever Stamps Expire?

Forever Stamps got their name because they last forever which means that they never expire. They are always Up to date even after many years from the date of purchasing.

In simple words, we can say the Forever Stamps never expire and their value remains the same even if there is an increase in the price of Stamps by USPS.

If you purchased a Forever Stamp suppose 5 years ago and it is not physically damaged then it is valid in a present-day and you can post your letters or postcards by pasting these Forever Stamps on them.

How Many Forever Stamps Do I Need (Forever Stamps Weight)?

The Standard Size letter or posts weigh around 1 ounce and for posting any letter below or up to 1 ounce, you need just 1 Forever Stamp. The letters which are heavier than 1 ounce but are below 3.5 ounces can be posted by using one additional ounce Stamp for each ounce. For mailing letters heavier than 3.5 ounces, price structure and rules are different which you study in detail at the official website of USPS.

Where to Buy Cheapest Forever Stamps?

There are many online and offline stores from where you can buy Forever Stamps. But you need to choose the best one which provides the Forever Stamps at the lowest prices. Although the price of Forever Stamps is standard and is fixed by USPS, still some online and offline stores can charge extra money as convenience fees.

On these platforms for buying Forever Stamps, you will find a large collection of the Stamps of all categories. Online portals are cheap compared to Offline Stores and also more convenient because you don’t have to go anywhere to buy Forever Stamps, you can purchase them from your mobile or laptop without leaving your home. These online stores guarantee that you get the best deals for Forever Stamps through cheap prices, secure payments, and quick deliveries.

Below we have mentioned some offline and online stores to buy Forever Stamps:

Where to Buy Forever Stamps Offline?

  • USPS Post Offices
  • Gas Stations
  • Grocery Shops
  • ATMS

Where to Buy Forever Stamps Online?

  • Amazon
  • Stamps.com
  • ebay
  • Walmart

How to Buy Forever Stamps From Amazon?

Amazon.com has turned out to be the biggest online portal for shopping anything. It also provides a large catalog of Forever Stamps and you can purchase them at very cheap prices compared to other eCommerce websites.

Amazon has developed itself as one of the biggest online shopping centers not only in the USA but all over the World. So it is a trustworthy shopping place for purchasing Forever Stamps online.

The process of purchasing Forever Stamps from Amazon is very simple and quick, you just need to follow the below Stamps:

  • Create an account on Amazon, if you don’t have one already.
  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • Type “Forever Stamps” in the Search box.
  • A list of different categories of Forever Stamps will appear in front of you.
  • Choose the desired Category of Forever Stamps, that you want to purchase.
  • Click on the ‘Add to Cart button.
  • Make the payment by choosing the desired payment method.
  • The Forever Stamps will be Shipped to your entered location.

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