How Many Stamps in a Roll

You need to paste a special type of paper known as Stamps for posting your postcards or letters anywhere in the USA as well as in most of the other countries of the World. These Postal Stamps act as proof of the identity of the letter and ensure the delivery of the parcel to the specified destination.

Because the Stamps are attached to any letter or post before its delivery, they serve the purpose of paying the tax or the price of posting the letter before it is delivered or reaches its destination.

For delivering or sending letters in the USA, you need to attach Stamps issued by United States Postal Services i.e USPS. The number of stamps required to post a letter depends upon its size and weight.

You may need a single stamp, two steps, or even more Stamps for posting your letters. For example for posting a regular size letter, you can post it by using only a single Stamp. But as the size and weight of the package or letter increase, you need to paste additional Stamps on that package for its successful delivery.

Stamps are usually available in the form of Single Stamp, Sheet Form, Coil, or Roll Form.

Here in this article, we will explain in detail, how many Stamps are there in a Roll. Before that let’s have a brief look at what exactly a Roll of Stamps means.

What is a Roll of Stamps?

In generic terms, the roll refers to a collection or bundle of various objects which are tied or wrapped together. In similar ways, a Roll of Stamps refers to the collection or group of Stamps. So it’s clear, that a Roll of Stamps contains more than a single Stamp.

Now the question is, how many Stamps are there in a roll. A standard size Roll of USPS Stamps contains a collection of 100 Stamps. But this number varies and in some cases, a roll of Postal Stamps may contain as less as 20 Stamps and as many as 10,000 Stamps.

Below we will list various platforms which offer the options to purchase Postal Stamps in the form of Rolls.

How Many Stamps in a USPS Stamps Roll?

The only authorized and official service provider of all types of Postage Stamps in the USA is USPS which stands for United States Postal Service. All types of Stamps are issued by the USPS only which can provide the dealership or authorization to other offline and online platforms to buy the Stamps.

USPS does offer the option to buy Roll of Stamps, but being the official provider doesn’t mean that its services are at their best. The main reason behind it is that a small roll of Postal Stamps is not available at USPS. Most of the Rolls at USPS contains usually 10,000 Stamps.

The number of Stamps in the Roll of various types of Stamps Categories which are provided by Post Offices or the official website of USPS is mentioned below:

When you visit the official website of USPS, then you will see a Filter named ‘Format’ on the left-hand side. Under this filter, there is an option ‘Roll/Coil’
By Clicking on this ‘Roll/Coil’ option, your selection of USPS Stamps will be filtered according to Stamps with Roll and their prices.

Some popular Stamps Rolls available on the website of USPS are:

Mountain Flora Forever Stamps

  • 1 Roll- 10,000 Stamps
  • Price: $5,800

U.S. Flags Forever Stamps

  • 1 Roll- 10,000 Stamps
  • Price: $5,800

Blueberries Additional Postage Stamps

  • 1 Roll- 10,000 Stamps
  • Price: $400

Brush Rabbit Additional Stamps

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $20

Coral Reefs Postcard Stamps

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $40

How Many Stamps in Amazon Stamps Roll?

Everyone knows Amazon today as it is one of the biggest online shopping platforms and has reached the limits of online sales in the last few years. You can find and get any product online from Amazon and have it delivered to your home or any other location within a short period of time.

Amazon is also providing USPS Stamps through its online portal and the Stamps can also be purchased in the form of Rolls from Amazon. The Rolls of USPS Stamps available at Amazon are of standard size i.e they mostly contain 100 Stamps per Roll. Below we have listed some of the most popular USPS Stamps Rolls that can be purchased from Amazon

Barn PostCard Forever Postage Stamps

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $52.97

Star Ribbon Forever First Class Stamps

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $79.95

Winter Berries First-Class Forever Stamps

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $174.95

Contemporary Boutonniere Forever Stamps

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $79.20

Coral Reefs First-Class Forever Stamps

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $52.81

How Many Stamps in a Roll?

If you want to ship anything and anywhere in the USA, then the first name that comes to your mind is is undoubtedly the biggest name in the shipping world when you want to deliver something in the USA. With its Origin in the USA, was established in 1996 and since then has made its name in the list of top shipping companies in the country.

Now it has also made a mark as the top provider of USPS Postal Stamps online. is different from other postage Stamps providers in that, it lets the users print the Stamps from their home by using a computer and a printer. lacks in terms of the category and variety of Stamps that you can print or purchase from it, but still, there are some categories of Stamps Rolls available as below:

Original NetStamps

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $47.99

Most of the other category Stamps are usually available in smaller sizes with around 20 Stamps per Roll or Sheet.

How Many Stamps in a Roll at eBay?

eBay is an online retailer which was founded in 1995 and is used by both sellers which don’t have a shop and by professional sellers who are looking to grow their business. By simply creating an account on eBay, you can easily buy anything of your daily needs.

eBay is one of the oldest and longest-running online platforms for selling and purchasing products and therefore it is without any doubt a trustworthy portal.

You can now also buy USPS Stamps of all categories from eBay either in sheets or Rolls. Various types of Stamps Rolls available on eBay are:

US Flags Forever Stamps

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $35

Pre-Stamped Envelopes USPS Forever Stamps

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $38.56

USPS Forever Stamps Wedding Invitations

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $38.56

Made of Hearths Forever Stamps

  • 1 Roll – 100 Stamps
  • Price: $177.77

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