USPS Wedding Forever Postage Stamps – How to Buy, Cost

What are Wedding Postage Stamps?

Stamps or Postage Stamps were common and known to everyone a few years ago. But for the current generation, Stamps is a topic of curiosity or we can say that not all people in today’s era are well aware of What are the Stamps and their proper use.

A few years or a 1-2 decades before, Stamps were used to send posts or letters to their relatives or friends who are away from them. The current era is digital and most people use emails, messengers like Whatsapp, etc to send their emails and message online. But despite the use of online ways of sending mails, there are many situations when we need to use the paper form of letters. For example, we have to send some documents, registered letters, and wedding invitations through letters, then this is the time when we need the Postage Stamps.

Wedding Postage Stamps are basically simple pieces of paper like other USPS Stamps which are specially designed for sending wedding invitations.

USPS Wedding Forever Stamps

Most of the Stamps that are issued by USPS ie. United States Postal Services are Forever Stamps.
USPS Forever Stamps are mainly used for sending first Class letters. Forever Stamps are for a lifetime and they never diminish or expire.

The best advantage of Forever Stamps is that you can store or create a stock of these Stamps and use them for postage even after many years for the same price as when they were purchased.

Therefore as the USPS Wedding Stamps are also Forever Stamps, so they can be used for pasting and sending the Wedding Invitations in the same price.

You can find different designs, themes, and types of Wedding Forever Stamps from the USPS Posts office and the online Stamps selling websites.

How Much is the Cost of Wedding Stamps?

The price of purchasing USPS Wedding Stamps depends upon many factors. The cost of buying USPS Wedding Stamps may differ depending upon the platform from where you buy them and a lot of other factors.

Some of the most common factors which decide the cost of Wedding Postage Stamps are:

  • Weight of the Letter to Post
  • The shape of the letter
  • Size of the letter

There are basically three categories of USPS Wedding Stamps based on the sizes which we will explain below. Here we have listed the current price of Forever Wedding Stamps:

Type/Weight Letters Cost
1st class Forever Stamps- 1 oz $0.58
1st class, 1 oz – odd size $0.88
1st class, 2 oz $0.78
1st class, 2 oz – odd size $1.08
1st class, 3 oz $0.98
1st class, 3 oz – odd size $1.28
1st class, 3.5 oz $1.18
1st class large envelope, 1 oz $1.16
1st class large envelope, 2 oz $1.36
1st class large envelope, 3 oz $1.56

Types and Themes of USPS Wedding Stamps

USPS Wedding Stamps come in different types and themes. You can purchase any of your desired Stamps based on these themes. Some popular themes of USPS Wedding Forever Stamps are mentioned below:

USPS Ferns Forever Stamps

If you love Fern and Greenary then Fern Postage Stamps are for you which you can paste on your wedding invitation letters.

Beach Wedding Stamps

Beach is a beautiful place to spend your holidays or to have a weekend tour to the nearby beach. USPS Forever Wedding Stamps are also available for beach themes.

Heart Stamps for Invitation

The heart is the symbol of love. You can also buy Heart themed stamps for wedding invitations.

Classic Stamps for Wedding Invitations

Old people still love their tradition and rituals and if they want a traditional marriage then they would love to send traditional wedding invitations which they can send through Class Forever Wedding Stamps.

Sky Writing Wedding Stamps

Skywriting an Airplane makes many types of writing and designs in the air. You can find these  writting-themed Wedding Forever Stamps also.

Categories of USPS Wedding Stamps

There are many classes or categories of Wedding Stamps which are as below:

1st class 1 oz Forever Wedding Stamps

All posts or letters which have a weight under 1 oz come in this category. To post a letter or package that has a weight below or up to 1 oz, you need to paste a Wedding Forever Stamp of this category. The price of this category of Stamps is $0.58

1st class 2 oz Forever Wedding Stamps

If your letter or wedding invitation has a weight over 1 Oz and up to 2 Oz, then you need this category of Forever Wedding Stamps for which you have to pay up to $0.78

The price of Wedding Invitations Stamps keeps on increasing as the weight of the invitation card increases.

How to Purchase Wedding Stamps?

There are many online and offline platforms from which you can buy Forever Wedding Stamps. You can buy Wedding Stamps from the below platforms

Buy Wedding Stamps from USPS

USPS ie. United States Postages services in the official platform from where you can buy any kind of Stamps including Wedding Stamps. You can either visit the nearby store or post USPS to buy Wedding Stamps.

You can also visit the official website of USPS to buy Wedding Stamps.

Buy Wedding Stamps from Amazon

Amazon is a top platform and most popular online source for buying anything including Stamps like Wedding Stamps. You can buy Wedding Stamps from Amazon by following the below Stamps.

  • Visit the official website of Amazon through this link:
  • Register, if you have no account.
  • Log in if already have an account by entering your login details.
  • Search “Wedding Stamps” in the search box.
  • It will show a long list and type of USPS Wedding Forever Stamps.
  • Choose any Stamp, that you want to buy.
  • Make the payment and the Stamps will be delivered to you within the specified period of time.

Buy Wedding Stamps from EBay

Ebay is without any doubt a top platform that provides shopping services to not only USA citizens but people across many countries of the World. You can buy all your daily routine items, Grocery products, Electronic items, and a lot more from eBay online at very low prices.

You can also buy USPS Stamps including Wedding Stamps from eBay easily just by login, searching, and then selecting & purchase the stamps.

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