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Costco is one of the biggest retail chains in the USA that was founded by Jeffrey Brotman and James Singel in Seattle City of Washington in the Year 1983. So Costco is operating as a reputed retail chain for around 3 decades. And if you are looking for an answer to the question, Does Costco Sells USPS Forever Stamps, then you will get the reply to this question in ‘YES’. So it means you can purchase USPS Stamps from Costco

How to Buy Stamps at Costco?

The process of purchasing Stamps from Costco stores is very simple and requires you to spend just a few minutes to purchase your desired Stamps. To buy the Stamps offline from Costco Stores, you have to follow the below steps.

  • First, of all, you will have to find the nearest Costco Warehouse or store.
  • You can easily find a Costco Store nearby you, as there are more than 550 Stores of Costco in the USA alone.
  • Visit the store physically.
  • Before you go for buying USPS Stamps from Costco, make sure you have a membership at Costco which can be purchased by paying a fee of $60-$120 per year.
  • As there are different types and categories of Costco membership, the fees vary depending upon the type.
  • Once you have a membership and visit Costco Stores, you will head to the Checkout counter and ask for the desired USPS Stamps.
  • There are dedicated customer care counters also at some Costco stores, from where you can also purchase the Stamps.
  • Just ask for your desired USPS Stamps like Forever First Class Stamps, make the payment and the Stamps will be in your hands.

How to Buy Stamps From Costco Online?

Costco also sells Stamps online also through its official website or shopping portal. Although you can not purchase all categories of Stamps online from Costco, still you can purchase USPS First-Class Forever Stamps. Stamps can be purchased as rolls from the Costco website. A roll of Stamps at Costco has a total of 100 Stamps. To buy Stamps online from Costco, you must follow the steps below.

  • First of all, visit the official website of Costco by clicking here
  • Register an account with Costco by clicking on the ‘Register’ option.
  • When you have created an account with Costco, login into the account and then type ‘USPS Stamps’ in the search box.
  • The search result displays ‘USPS First-Class Forever Stamp, 100-count’
  • The price of 100-Count of USPS Forever Stamps at Costco is $57.75.
  • Click on ‘Add to Cart to purchase these Stamps.
  • Make the payment by your desired payment method.
  • After successful payment, the USPS Forever First Class Stamps from Costco will be received at your address before 7 working days.

What is the Cost of Stamps at Costco?

If you want to know, can you purchase single Stamps or a sheet of Stamps that has around 20 Stamps per sheet, well the answer to this question is simply no? Because Stamps are not available at Costco in Single Units. By this time you can only purchase Stamps in Bulk or Rolls and a roll of USPS First Class Forever Stamps at Costco will cost you around $57.75.

Buying Stamps from Costco seems to be very cheap compared to other Stamps providers. For example, if you purchase Stamps from USPS directly then you will have to pay around $0.25 per count of 100 than purchasing Stamps from Costco.

So buying Stamps from Costco is never a bad deal as it has set up one of the lowest prices of Stamps.

What are the different Types of Stamps available at Costco?

There are many Categories of USPS Stamps like Forever First Class Stamps, Regular Stamps, Additional Stamps, and more.

To buy different categories of Stamps from Costco you will have to visit their physical stores because all categories of Stamps are available only at the physical stores of Costco.

To buy Stamps from the comfort of your home, you can visit the online portal of Costco, but from there you can purchase only ‘USPS Forever First-Class Stamps’

What are the operating hours of Costco Stores?

When you buy Stamps from the USPS Post office, then the major drawback is that you can’t purchase Stamps all the time. Because USPS Post offices are not open all the time the day and are closed on weekends. So while purchasing Stamps from Costco, you will not have to face this problem, because there are hundreds of warehouses Costco in various States of the USA and these stores are open seven days a week, so you can buy Stamps any day whenever you need them.

The working hours of Costco are mentioned below:

  • Monday-Friday – 10:00am to 8:30pm
  • Saturday – 9:30am to 6:00pm
  • Sunday – 10:00am to 6:00pm

How to Find Nearest Costco Locations?

To purchase USPS Stamps from Costco Store you will have to find the nearest store of it. You will have absolutely no difficulty in finding a Costco Store nearby you because it is one of the biggest retail chains in the USA as mentioned above with more than 550 warehouses.

The working hours of Costco Stores are mentioned above and these are the same for almost all Stores in different cities of the Country. As most of the Costco Stores are operational 7 days a week, so will have no problem or hassle in buying your desired Stamps from the Costco Store.

So from above, you can easily get an idea then you can a Costco Store just at a distance of just a few minutes from your home. There are only three states in the USA which have no stores of Costco and these States are Rhode Island, Wyoming, and West Virginia.

To find the nearest location of the Costco Store you can click here

Why should you buy Postage stamps from Costco?

There are many benefits of buying Stamps from Costco. Some of the benefits of buying USPS Postage Stamps from Costco are:

  • Buying Stamps from Costco is much cheaper than many platforms including the official website or Post Offices of USPS.
  • Since Costco Sells Stamps and other goods in bulk and in large quantities, there are great discounts and offers than purchasing things in smaller units.
  • As there are 500+ Costco Stores in the USA alone, so don’t need to go far away from your home or city to locate a Costco Store.
  • You can buy Stamps from Costco both online and offline.
  • By visiting the Costco Stores physically, you will get the Stamps within just a few minutes by making the payment at the customer service desk.
  • Not only you can buy USPS Stamps from Costco, but you can also purchase parcel bags, envelopes, and other mailing-related items.
  • Unlike USPS Post offices, the stores at Costco are open 7 days a week except for nights.

About Costco Store

As mentioned above in the first para, Costco is a retail chain that was established in 1983. It was later rebranded and changed its name to Costco Wholesale Corporation. Costco is one of the few membership-based retail chain stores in the USA i.e you have to buy its membership to purchase anything.

Costco was earlier known for providing shipping services of goods like envelopes, parcel bags, and many more mailing products, but now it has made its name in the field of selling USPS Postage Stamps also and is one of the top sellers of USPS Stamps at present.

Does Costco Sell Stamps?

After reading the above post, you might have got a clear idea that ‘YES’ Costco sells Forever USPS Stamps. Stamps are available at Costco in bulks with a roll having 100 Stamps per unit. You can buy Stamps from Costco at much cheaper rates, easily and quickly at a nearby Store of Costco. But purchasing anything from Costco requires an active membership, but that too is not much costly if you go for an annual subscription.

So in the end, we can say that buying USPS Forever First Class Stamps is always a great deal with the cheapest prices compared to other sellers.

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