How to Buy Postage Stamps Online from Walmart

Most of you have heard of Walmart and visited its stores either offline or online, but what is Walmart really? If you have been looking to know about this company, then here we will give you a brief overview of this company. The main objective of this article is to explain, how you can purchase USPS Stamps from Walmart but before that read about what exactly is Walmart and what service it provides.

What is Walmart?

Walmart is a multinational company that originated in the United States. Walmart is basically a chain of department stores, where the sale of groceries is done and it is considered the largest grocer in the territory of the United States.

Walmart is mainly dedicated to the sale of groceries, household items, etc but apart from that, Walmart is dedicated to providing many other services to its customers and one such service is the option to purchase USPS Stamps. So without talking about anything else, we will straightforwardly move on to how you can purchase Stamps from Walmart.

How to Buy USPS Stamps from Walmart?

There are two ways to buy Stamps from Walmart and these are:

How to Buy Postage Stamps online from Walmart?

Follow the below steps to buy USPS Stamps online from Walmart.

  • The first step you need to perform for purchasing Stamps issued by USPS from Walmart is to create or register an account with it.
  • For this, you have to visit the official website of Walmart through this link:
  • After opening the website, you will see the ‘Sign In’ Account option on the top right-hand side.
  • Clicking on this option will show you two further options in the drop-down ‘Sign In’ and ‘Create Account’
  • Click on the ‘Create Account’ option.
  • After providing some basic details, your account on Walmart will be created.
  • Now you have to log in to your ‘Walmart’ account by entering your login details.
  • Once you are logged in, you have to type any word in the search box like ‘Stamps’, ‘Postage Stamps’, ‘Forever Stamps’ etc in the search box.
  • Then a list of stamps of all categories will appear to you.
  • Choose any Stamp that you want to buy by clicking, which will take you to the next page.
  • Here will see the ‘Add to Cart option.
  • The Stamps will be delivered to your physical location within a few days.

So by following all the above steps, you can buy USPS Stamps online from Walmart.

Where to find Postage stamps at Walmart Store

You can buy Stamps from your nearby Walmart store also. At every Walmart Store, there are ‘MoneyCenter’ Stations that lets you to buy USPS Stamps of all categories. Most Walmart Stores operate 24/7, so Stamps can be purchased from ‘MoneyCenter’ Stations at any time even at the night.

  • For purchasing Stamps from Walmart stores, you just have to visit the nearest center and head to the ‘MoneyCenter’.
  • You will now ask for the desired Stamp that you want to purchase.
  • You can pick the Sheet or Book of Stamps of various categories at the Walmart Store by yourself.
  • Select the one that you want to purchase.
  • Go to the Cashier or payment counter.
  • Make the desired payment of the Stamps.
  • You are all done and the Stamps will be in your hands within few minutes.

How Much is the Price of Postage Stamps at Walmart?

The cost of Purchasing Stamps from Walmart depends upon the category and quantity you want to buy. It is not possible to purchase a single Stamp from Walmart and the Stamps are available in bundles or sheets.
Usually, a Sheet has 20 Stamps and a bundle of 5 Sheets of 20 Stamps i.e a total of 100 Stamps will cost you around $63.00

Few Stamps categories are also available at lower prices. For example, if you are looking to purchase USPS Forever First Class Postage Stamps, then you will have to pay around $63.00 for a roll or Book of 100 Stamps.

The price of buying Stamps from Walmart keeps on changing as you choose the different categories of Stamps.

What Type of Postage Stamps is Available at Walmart?

There is an endless of variety of Stamps that can be purchased from Walmart either online or offline. Below we have mentioned a few popular categories and types of Stamps that can be purchased from Walmart.

  • Contemporary Boutonniere Forever Postage Stamps Wedding
  • Wild Orchids Forever Postage Stamps
  • Generic Winter Scenes Forever Stamps
  • Frogs Forever Postage First Class Stamps
  • USPS Forever Stamps, United States Flag, and a lot more.

Once you search for Postage Stamps in the search box at the Walmart Website, you will see various filters which will help you to sort out your selection of Stamps. Some popular filters available to buy USPS Stamps online from Walmart are:

1. In-Store

This Filter will show up the results of the Stamps that are currently in stock at the Walmart

2. Price

This filter will let you choose the price range of stamps from Walmart. You can select a price range from $0 to $65+

3. Brand

The brand filter will let you to choose the brand from which you want to purchase the Stamps. At Walmart, most of the Stamps are available from USPS.

Benefits of Purchasing Postage Stamps From Walmart

You will get various benefits when you purchase Stamps from Walmart

  • By purchasing Stamps online from Walmart, you can avoid queues.
  • You can make the payment of Stamps by using any payment method like cash, debit card, credit card, etc.
  • As most of the Stamps sold by Walmart are of Forever Category, so these stamps don’t expire and can be used even after many years.
  • Walmart has a 30-day return policy, so you always have the option to return the Stamps within a time period of 30 days.
  • You can also sometimes get discounts and offers on buying Stamps from Walmart.

Buy stamps online at Walmart

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