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U.S bank is commonly known as U.S. Bancorp also. We all know that U.S Bank is one of the largest banks in America. It is present everywhere and has branches in many small towns of the country also. If you want to do banking with a U.S bank, then you can do it by visiting its nearest branch as well as online from your home.

U.S bank is not only providing various banking and financial services but is also providing many kinds of Postage services also and one of these popular services is the facility of buying USPS Stamps. So from this, if you want to know does U.S bank sell Stamps, then ‘YES’ you can buy them from your nearest branch.

How to Buy Stamps from U.S Bank?

Although it is possible to buy Stamps from U.S banks, these Stamps are not available at all the branches of U.S banks. Therefore if you are looking to purchase Postage Stamps from a U.S bank, then you are required to look for a U.S bank located nearby you and then check with the branch to know if they sell Stamps or not.

To buy Stamps from a U.S bank, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Search for the nearest U.S bank which sells USPS Stamps.
  • Go to the branch of that nearby US bank.
  • Directly move to the reception of the bank.
  • The attendant or concerned executive will let you know that Stamps are available there or not.
  • If available, then simply ask for the desired type of Stamps required from the receptionist, make the payment and get the Stamps.
  • Stamps can also be purchased from the ATM machines of US banks.

Does US Bank Sell Stamps Online?

US Bank has an official website from which you can get take advantage of its various financial services like sending, and receiving money. US Bank lets its customers perform any kind of banking-related tasks comfortably from their homes.

Although many banking services are available at US banks online, at this point in time it is not possible to buy Postage Stamps from them online. For purchasing Stamps from a U.S bank, the only option is to go to their physical branch.

What type of Stamps does US Bank Sell?

US Bank is an authorized dealer of USPS to sell the Postage Stamps, but you can’t get large categories of stamps to purchase from the US bank. The variety of Stamps that can be purchased from US Bank is very less compared to the one that can be purchased from the official website of branches of USPS.

Still, you will find many types of Stamps at US Bank and most of them are of the Forever First Class category.

Stamps from US Bank branches can’t be purchased as a single unit. You only have the option to buy the Stamps in bulk from US Bank. And the minimum quantity of Stamps that can be purchased from US Bank is a book or sheet. Each book or sheet of a Stamps that are available at the US bank will contain a minimum of 20 Stamps.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at US Bank?

There are many advantages of buying Postage Stamps from a US bank and apart from getting the Stamps easily from a US bank you will also have the benefit of purchasing them at no extra cost.

The Stamps sold by US Bank are mostly the books or sheets which are grouped into 20 Stamps in a single unit. The books or sheets of Forever Stamps at US bank will be charged the same as the current price at the USPS office.

With the current price of one Forever Stamp at $0.63, a book of 20 Stamps will need you to pay $12.60. Sometimes, US Bank runs offers and discounts on the purchase of Stamps which may save some amount if you go for the purchase of Stamps in bulk.

How to Find Nearest US Bank?

U.S Bancorp bank has a total of 3,067 branches and 4,771 ATMs in different cities in the USA. To buy the Stamps from U.S Bancorp, you either have to locate the nearest branch or an ATM. You can easily find your nearest U.S Bank branch with the help of the following steps.

  • Visit the official website of U.S Bancorp bank by clicking here
  • When you open the website, you will see the ‘Locations’ option in the top right corner.
  • A new window having the search option will appear after clicking the ‘Locations’ option.
  • Here you will see the ‘Search Locations’ option.
  • Type your street, city, State, or Zip Code in the search box.
  • You also have to option to select the filter for ‘Branches’ or ‘ATMs’
  • By entering your location and selecting ‘Branches’ ‘ATMS’ or both, you will see the relevant results.
  • Here you can see the list of U.S Bancorp Bank Branches or ATMs located nearby your area.

About US Bank

US Bank also known as U.S Bancorp bank is one of the oldest banks in the USA which was founded in 1863. The headquarter of US Bank is in Minneapolis, Minnesota but its branches are located everywhere in the USA. The main services of US banks are consumer banking, corporate bank, insurance, Mortgage loans, Credit Cards, etc.

If you are looking for Postage related services, then US Bank is now also providing these services. You can buy First Class Forever Stamps from your nearby US Bank branch or ATM. These USPS postage stamps can be purchased at the same cost.

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