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Wells Fargo was opened in 1852 by Henry Wells and William Fargo as a financial company and since then it’s provided various kinds of banking and financial services to the people of the USA. Wells Fargo is one of the oldest service financial companies in the USA and there are many modern time services that are said to be started by it. Wells Fargo was started as a Postal finance company and in addition to various Financial services, it is also providing many types of Postage Services also. An example of one such benefit is that you can also buy USPS Postage Stamps also from Wells Fargo.

So if you are here to know, does Wells Fargo sell Postage Stamps, then ‘YES’ you can buy Stamps from Wells Fargo.

In this article, we discuss in-depth how to buy Stamps from Wells Fargo, what the cost of Stamps, and how to find your nearest Wells Fargo location.

How to Buy Stamps from Wells Fargo?

You can buy USPS Postage Stamps from Wells Fargo in two ways, which are:

  • Buy Stamps from Wells Fargo Branch
  • Buy Stamps from Wells Fargo Branch

How to buy Stamps from Wells Fargo Branch?

To buy the Stamps from Wells Fargo Branch, follow the below stamps

  • The first is to find your nearest branch of Wells Fargo.
  • When you visit your nearest branch of Wells Fargo, then locate the ‘Teller’ or ‘Cash Counter’ section.
  • Stamps at Wells Fargo Branch are normally available with the ‘Teller’
  • So ask the Teller for the type of Stamps which you want to buy.
  • Check the payment of the Stamps and after handing over the payment to the Teller, the Stamps will be given to you.

How to buy Stamps from Wells Fargo ATM?

Another convenient option to buy Stamps from Wells Fargo is through their ATMs. Buying Stamps from an ATM of Wells Fargo is very easy because it is possible that you will find more ATMS of Wells Fargo than their branches. So follow the below steps to buy stamps from the ATM of Wells Fargo

  • Find and visit your nearest ATM of Wells Fargo
  • Enter your ATM Card into the ATM machine.
  • You will then be required to insert the 4-digit PIN Code of the Card.
  • A list of services will appear in front of you.
  • From this list, you will have to choose the ‘Buy Stamps’ option.
  • Select the type of Stamps that you want to buy and then make the payment.
  • Once your payment is successful, the Stamps will be printed and come out from the ATM machine instantly like the way you withdraw money from your ATM Card.

What type of Stamps does Wells Fargo Sell?

It is possible to purchase Stamps from Wells Fargo for sending your letters and envelopes having different sizes and weights. If you are looking to buy Stamps from Wells Fargo then we would like to inform you that, at present time you can only purchase Forever First Class USPS stamps, and that too only in the form of books or Stamps having 20 units per book or Stamps.

The Forever Stamps which last forever i.e never expires can be purchased from the physical branches of Wells Fargo or their ATMs. Stamps sold by Wells Fargo have US Flags printed, indicating that these Stamps are authorized.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy Stamps in individual form from either Wells Fargo branches or their ATMs, but buying stamps in bulk i.e in the form of books or sheets is always beneficial as you will be able to save some money on them.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Wells Fargo?

The Stamps at Wells Fargo can’t be purchased individually i.e you can’t buy single Stamps from Wells Fargo which we have already discussed above. Stamps from Wells Fargo are available in book or sheet forms which have 20 Stamps. A single Forever Stamp in 2022 will require you to pay $0.60. So it means that for a book or sheet of Forever Stamps that you can buy from Wells Fargo, you will have to make a payment of $12.

There is no difference in the price of buying Stamps from Wells Fargo and from USPS. The price of buying Stams from Wells Fargo will increase automatically when USPS increases prices due to inflation.

How to Find Nearest Wells Fargo Bank/ATM?

To buy Stamps from Wells Fargo you have to find its nearest branch or an ATM and it is straightforward to locate any of these as the number is quite large. At present, there are around 8050 branches of Wells Fargo in the USA and around 13000 ATMs. And this is one of the reasons that Wells Fargo has its name in one of the ‘Big Four Banks’ of the USA. If you are new to a city or don’t have any information about where the nearest Wells Fargo branch or ATM is located then you can follow the below Stamps

  • Visit the official website of Wells Fargo by clicking here
  • In the top menu, you will see an option ‘ATM/Locations.
  • Clicking on the above option will take you to the branch/ATM locator page.
  • You will see a search box under the heading ‘Find a Wells Fargo location’
  • Enter your ZIP Code, City, State, or landmark to search for Wells Fargo.
  • You can also narrow down your search by selecting filters like ‘Bank Only’, ‘Bank
  • Within a Location, ATM, etc.
  • A list of branches/ATMs of Wells Fargo will be shown to you.

About Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo is a top American bank that sells USPS Stamps and they have a lot of branches and ATMs located nearby you. Although you will find a Wells Fargo ATM nearby, keep in mind that, not all ATMs of Wells Fargo are authorized to sell Stamps. The price of Stamps sold by Wells Fargo is the same and you are not required to pay any extra amount.

Wells Fargo has its headquarters located in San Francisco, California, United States, the current CEO of Wells Fargo is Charles W. Scharf and this leading American banking company is not only providing Financial services to USA citizens but also provides Postage and mailing services like buying USPS Postage Stamps.

So if you are looking to buy postage Stamps including First Class Forever Stamps, you can buy them from Wells Fargo quickly.

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