Does USPS Deliver on Weekends – Working Hours, Cost

Those people in the USA who frequently send letters or mail through USPS postage services often ask a question, does USPS deliver on Weekends? Here in this article, we will put light on this topic in detail. There are many private shipping services in the USA which deliver on Weekends. Due to tough competition in the market, USPS also provides this service to deliver throughout the week including Saturdays and Sundays (Weekends)

There is no stopping in the services of USPS and now you can get your shipments on Weekends also if you choose USPS as your delivery partner.

There are many people who can’t receive the letters or packages on Weekdays due to office hours or some other reasons. So these people like to receive their packages on weekends and they can request this through the weekend delivery service of USPS.

If you want to know, does USPS deliver on weekends, then ‘YES’ you can now receive mail through USPS on weekends. But not all categories of mail can be received on weekends. There are only a few types of mail which can get delivered on weekends i.e Saturday or Sunday. To understand this clearly, we will explain in detail what kind of mail is delivered by USPS on weekends.

Which USPS Services Deliver on Weekends?

You may have heard somewhere that USPS delivers on Saturday but the real question is does USPS deliver all kinds of mail on Saturdays? The answer to this is ‘NO’, USPS does not deliver all kinds of mail on weekends including Saturdays.

What kind of Mails Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

The delivery made by USPS on Saturday is only of four types. So if you want for mail to be delivered on Saturday, then you must choose one of below four types of USPS services:

  • First Class Mail
  • First-Class Package
  • Priority Mail Express
  • USPS Retail Ground

Although all of these above USPS services deliver on Saturday the delivery depends heavily on the location where you are delivering. On the other hand, if you choose Priority Mail Express then your mail or package is assured to be delivered on Saturday.

What kind of Mail/Packages Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

Unlike USPS Delivery on Saturday which delivers normal regular letters and packages, the choice is limited in USPS Sunday delivery. Only two kinds of delivery Services available for Sunday delivery through USPS are Priority Mail Express and Amazon Packages.

Priority Mail Express is a popular delivery service in the USA provided by USPS and this service is also known as an overnight service because of its one-day delivery. Because of this one-day delivery service, Priority Mail Express is one of the quickest shipping services in the USA.

If you send a package through USPS Priority Mail Express on Saturday then it will be delivered at the destination after one day i.e on Sunday. Because of a deal between USPS and Amazon, your packages ordered from Amazon can also be delivered on Sunday.

An important thing to note here is that USPS Sunday delivery works throughout the year, but in case there is some Nationa Holiday like Independence day, Labor Day, New Year, Thanksgiving day etc on Sunday, then the USPS delivery will not be done on that day.

What Are USPS Hours for Weekend Delivery?

The Weekend working hours of USPS for Saturday and Sunday may differ. You may get your items delivered on Saturday during normal working hours i.e between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you choose USPS for your weekend delivery, you will most likely receive your product on Saturday by 2 PM. On busy days like festival weeks, the USPS Postman will also deliver your products later than regular business hours i.e 5:00 PM. If you want guaranteed delivery of your products and choose USPS Priority Mail service, then you will get the delivery even at night.

As mentioned above for USPS Sunday delivery, you must choose Priority Mail Express. USPS Priority Mail Express packages chosen for Sunday delivery will receive by 10:30 AM but it is likely to be delayed if the destination is far away from the sender location.

The time of delivery for the Weekend also depends upon the post office as there is little difference in the USPS Post Offices’ timing for each state. In some states, USPS Post offices deliver between 9 AM to 1 PM and in some states, the delivery times can be between 9 AM to 3 PM.

How Much Does USPS Weekend Delivery Cost?

The price of USPS delivery for both Saturday and Sunday is different. As stated above, if you select USPS services for Saturday delivery, then there is no need to pay an extra cost for Saturday delivery because Saturday is the normal working day for USPS delivery.

The prices for four main types of USPS delivery services for regular working days including Saturday are mentioned below:

  • The cost of USPS First Class Mail Service for Saturday is $4
  • For USPS First-Class Package Service for Saturday you will have to pay $4
  • USPS Retail Ground for Saturday will cost you $7.70
  • Priority Mail Express Service of USPS Starts at $26.75

Unlike no additional charges for USPS Saturday delivery, for USPS Sunday delivery i.e for Priority Mail Express, you will have to pay an extra cost of $12.50.

Details of USPS delivery days and the prices of different services can be checked in the below table:

  Priority mail express First-class mail Priority mail Retail ground Service
USPS delivery days Delivers All days of Year, Including Weekends i.e Saturday And Sunday Not Specified Monday To Saturday (Except on Holidays) Not Specified
Cost Starts At $22.95 

Flat Rate Up To 70lbs

Price Depends On the weight, size and shape of your package to be delivered Flat Rate Up To 70lbs, Starts At $ 6.45 Starts At $ 6.75

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