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Publix is a part of the Publix Super Markets chain based in the USA and it is one of the largest regional food chains in the country. The company was established by Jenkins Family who are still responsible for handling this organization.

The company operates in various states of the USA and provides high-quality food services. Apart from that Publix has also entered in the field of selling USPS First Class Forever Stamps. So if you have a question about does Publix sell Stamps, then you will get ‘YES’ as the answer to this question.

How to Buy Stamps from Publix?

To buy the Stamps from Publix, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to your nearest Publix Store.
  • Head to the Stamps selling section or service counter of the Publix store.
  • At the particular Stamps selling counter of the Publix store, you will find the Stamps that you want to purchase.
  • Measure the weight of the parcel by using the weighing machines available at the counter.
  • Choose the Stamps that you want to purchase from Publix Store, based upon the weight of the parcel.
  • Make the payment of the Stamps with one of the various available payment methods. You will have the USPS Stamps from Publix in your hands instantly.

How to Buy Stamps Online from Publix?

Although Publix has an official website which you can access from here:, but this website doesn’t give you the option to purchase any kind of Stamps. It means that the facility of buying Stamps online from Publix is still not available. To buy the Stamps from Publix, you have to find a nearby store and buy the Stamps by visiting it.

What is the Cost of Stamps at Publix?

When we talk about, what are the prices of Stamps available at Publix, you will without a doubt will get the Stamps at the best and low prices compared to other Stamps sellers in the USA. When you go to the Publix store for buying USPS Stamps, you will not be able to purchase a single Stamp like other Stamps sells in the USA.

You can purchase a booklet of Stamps from Publix Stores and the booklet contains 20 Stamps which will cost you around $12.60 i.e. around 0.63 cents for a single Stamp. The prices of Stamps are not decided by Publix or any other private Stamps selling platform, so you must be aware of the fact that the prices of Stamps keep on increasing as the USPS who is the regularity behind issuing Stamps in USA keep on increasing the Stamps prices when there is an increase in inflation.

What are the different Types of Stamps available at Publix?

Publix Stores sells Stamps of only one type and that is USPS Forever First Class Stamps. In terms of the type of Stamps that are available at grocery or retail stores, Publix is no different than other stores, because there is not much choice of Stamps.

Publix stores let users buy USPS Forever Stamps in the booklet of 20 Stamps per book, which will cost you $12.60 as mentioned above. As the Stamps are not available as an individual unit, so you will be able to buy them only in bulk or in booklet format with 20 Stamps per unit.

Types of Stamps Available at Publix: USPS Forever First Class Stamps

How Much is a Book of Stamps at Publix?

As discussed above Publix Sell Book of Forever Stamps in a unit of 20 Stamps. People who go shopping at Publix and want to buy Postage Stamps especially Forever Book of Stamps often ask this question, how much is a book of Stamps at Publix. In a Publix store located next to you, you will find these books of Forever Stamps at a cost of $12.60 i.e at $0.63 per Stamp.

Thanks to some exclusive offers for the customer of Publix, there are some discounts available on these Book of Stamps. These discounts will not be available when you buy Stamps from the USPS offices. If the book of Stamps i.e multiple Stamps is your requirement, then you should definitely opt for going to a store like Publix instead of buying them directly from USPS.

Does Publix Sell Christmas Stamps?

USPS releases many kinds of Holiday Stamps on festivals like Christmas. A lot of these Christmas Stamps are printed everywhere by USPS and because of Collaboration with Supermarket stores, they are available for sale at Publix stores also. So if your question is does Publix Sell Christmas Stamps, then ‘YES’ you can buy Christmas Stamps also at Publix Stores.

Like the normal Forever Stamps, these Christmas Stamps are also available in the form of books. As the name indicates these Stamps are Christmas themed These Stamps have Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, Wreaths, and many other elements dedicated to Christmas printed on them.

The choice of Christmas Stamps is not limited at Publix so buy your desired Christmas-themed Stamps from Publix stores and send your wishes & messages to your loved ones by mailing your letters, and postcards affixed by these Christmas Stamps.

A few of the popular types of Christmas Stamps that you get at Publix Stores are:

  • Christmas Angel Stamp
  • Holiday Wreaths Forever Christmas Stamps
  • Holiday Windows Forever Stamps
  • Sparkling Holidays Forever Santa Christmas Stamps
  • USPS Charlie Brown Christmas Forever Stamps

Does Publix Sell Global Stamps?

Yes, Publix does sell Global Forever Stamps at most stores located in the USA. As you might know, Forever Stamps are used for sending a First Class letter having 1 ounce of weight within the USA, the use of Global Forever Stamps comes when you have to send a First Class Mail internationally i.e outside the USA.

The Global Forever Stamps are distinguished from normal Forever Stamps by that, they are in round shape and they have the word ‘Global’ printed on them. So if your requirement is to send a letter internationally and wants to buy Global Forever Stamps then you can easily have them from your nearest Publix Store.

What are the operating hours of Publix Stores?

Publix Stores are usually closed on Sunday and National Holidays eg. Christmas, Easter and some other occasions. Except for these occasions, Publix stores are open most of the working hours during business days. If you know the Publix Stores nearby you, you can go there anytime and any day except the holidays mentioned above to buy USPS Stamps. The normal working time of Publix Stores for purchasing anything including USPS Stamps are 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

What Time Does Publix Store Open?

The opening timings of Publix stores are:

  • Mon 7:00 am
  • Tue 7:00 am
  • Wed 7:00 am
  • Thu 7:00 am
  • Fri 7:00 am
  • Sat 7:00 am
  • Sun 7:00 am

What Time Does Publix Store Close?

The closing timings of Publix stores are:

  • Mon 10:00 pm
  • Tue 10:00 pm
  • Wed 10:00 pm
  • Thu 10:00 pm
  • Fri 10:00 pm
  • Sat 10:00 pm
  • Sun 9:00 pm

How to Find Nearest Publix Locations?

Publix is a top supermarket retail chain in the USA with offices in almost all states of the country. There are around 800 outlets of Publix in different states of the USA. To find a Publix store in your city or nearby your location you can search on google or directly click here. By clicking here, you will see various Publix stores located nearby your area.

All you have to do is to fill in the Zip Code and the state and you will have the list of Publix Stores in front of you. Although there are a lot of stores of Publix in the USA, in some states, there are more stores compared to other states.

Why should you buy Postage stamps from Publix?

There are many benefits of buying Stamps from Publix, some of these are mentioned below: The working hours of Publix stores are high compared to other stores which sell Stamps offline. You will find many types and categories of Stamps at Publix. Publix Stores sells the Stamps which are authorized by USPS.

Since Publix is operating in the USA for a long time, so it’s a trustworthy and reliable brand when it comes to purchasing anything including USPS Stamps. Publix has a very helpful customer care service, so if you have any problems or queries regarding Stamps, then you can contact their customer support and get the solution to your problem.

About Publix

The first branch of Publix was opened by George W. Jenkins in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida. After gaining little popularity, another branch of Publix was opened after five years i.e in 1935. Its popularity continued to rise in the coming years and today there are around 800 retail outlets of Publix. At present time Publix is the biggest grocery retail store in the USA and now has established itself as a reputed platform for selling USPS Stamps also.

Conclusion: Does Publix Sell Stamps?

As mentioned above, Publix has stores in many states of the USA, but not in all states. So if you are looking to purchase USPS Stamps from Publix, then first of all you have to find the location where Publix Stores are situated.

Once you find a store of Publix nearby, you can visit there and directly purchase the USPS Stamps easily. Stamps are not available at Publix as a single unit, so you have to buy at least one book having 20 to 30 Stamps, but still, it is very economical compared to other Stamps selling Platforms.

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