How many Stamps for a Manila Envelope – Cost, Where to Buy

What is Manila Envelope?

The manila envelope is durable, work-ready, and is also used to send cards and letters. The traditional design is made exclusively for your sensitive documents. A manila envelope is a standard option for sending letters and documents in the United States and Canada.

The envelopes are made out of Manila hemp paper, making them stronger than regular paper envelopes. While they are strong, they are not breakable or replaceable. Every letter inside your envelope will be securely sealed with two scissors on each side of the outside flap, making sure nothing leaks out during transit (unless you have a tougher time controlling the urge to peek at your secret love interest’s handwritten letters).

How many stamps should I use when mailing these envelopes?

The cost of the postage will be determined by the amount of weight you are sending. For example, a 6×9 medium manila envelope (which is also known as an RP envelope), can have up to 3 ounces of weight added to it.

That’s right…that’s three, small squares cut from 1 sheet of paper. You see the magic in these things, please! A small or medium manila envelope (Size of 5×7 Inches or 6×9 inches) weighs one ounce, and only needs one forever stamp. You can ship a small or medium envelope weighing one ounce using one forever stamp.

For standard letters and envelopes, you can use a stamp as many times as you need. Here’s how to calculate the postage for a single stamp:

1. Find the weight of your envelope in ounces. Add up all of the weights of the stamps you’re using, then divide by their number, and multiply by 0.06 ounces per ounce. Then add that amount to 1.0 ounces for each stamp used.

2. Multiply your answer from step 1 by the cost of each stamp: $0.46 for 10-cent stamps, $0.34 for 20-cent stamps, etc. (In general, lower-denomination stamps tend to be cheaper than higher ones.)

3. Subtract any shipping fees that apply (such as $1 per box). Add any taxes or customs fees that might apply (such as $13 per package at a U.S.-based post office). Then add any service charges or handling fees that may apply (such as $1 per box or envelope at a U.S.-based post office).


Keeping your stationery options stocked with manila envelopes could save you hassle during the next office supply run. If you’re buying a small or medium Manila envelope and do not know how much postage to buy, then here are some examples to help.

Determination of Manila Envelope

The postage on a standard manila envelope is determined by the weight of the letter it is carrying. A standard letter is less than one ounce, so only requires one zero-cent stamp and no additional service fees.

The amount of postage required for a small or medium Manila envelope depends on the size of the envelope and the weight. The postage for a small Manila envelope is one forever stamp, but you also have to consider how many stamps are needed for other pieces of mail in your letter.

The weight of your manila envelopes will determine how many stamps you need. A small or medium manila envelope is considered standard mail and typically only requires one forever stamp as long as it doesn’t weigh more than one ounce. For example, if your envelope weighs 1 ounce and there are two pieces of standard mail weighing 1 ounce each, then you would only need two forever stamps total – one per piece of standard mail.

In general, envelopes over 1 pound are considered oversized and require three stamps: one regular stamp plus two large-size ones (which cost more). If you’re sending a letter with multiple envelopes in it (such as business cards), then you’ll need to calculate how many stamps per envelope you’ll need based on their size and weight.

Most common size

The most common size of a manila envelope is 5×7, which holds up to two ounces of material. However, the weight can vary depending on the type of paper and thickness.

A 5×7 manila envelope will only require one forever stamp if it doesn’t weigh more than one ounce. If it weighs more than that, you’ll need to purchase additional stamps.

If you plan on sending a package via priority mail (UPS or FedEx) or overnight delivery, you’ll want to use a 6×9 manila envelope. These envelopes hold up to three ounces of material and are typically used for shipping heavy items such as large furniture or appliances.

How Many Stamps for a 5×7 Manila Envelope?

According to the USPS guidelines, a 5×7 Manila Envelope comes into the category of a Standard envelope. The main motive of this type of envelope is to send normal letters or the invitations like birthday party invitations, wedding invitations, and other important locations. 5×7 Manila envelopes are also known as first-class envelopes and they can easily be posted by using the First Class envelopes categories.

The number of Stamps required for posting a 5×7 Manila Envelope depends upon the size of the letter you are willing to post. For a 5×7 Manila Envelope that weighs less than or up to 1 Oz i.e 1 Ounce, you need just 1 Forever Stamp. Due to the increase in the cost of Forever Stamps by USPS recently from $0.58 to $0.60, you will have to pay a price of $0.60 for a 5×7 Manila Envelope of weight up to 1 Ounce.

The additional Stamps are required to post your 5×7 Manila Envelope whose weight goes above 1 Ounce. The price of additional stamps is also increased by USPS and for each additional Stamp for 1 ounce, you need to pay $0.24.

Note that, if the weight of your Manila Envelope becomes more than 3.5 Oz, you will have to post it under the Category of Large envelopes which requires an extra number of Stamps and cost for the postage.

5×7 Manila Envelope (Weight in Ounces) Cost
1 $0.60
2 $0.60+$0.24=$0.84
3 $0.60+$0.24+$0.24=$1.08

How Many Stamps For A 6×9 Manila Envelope?

6×9 Manila envelope is another type of Envelope that comes into the category of a standard size. It means that this type of envelope also requires you to use just one Forever Stamp.

As a 6×9 Manila envelope is also a kind of First Class envelope so a 1 Forever Stamp worth $0.60 will be enough for the postage of a 6×9 Manila envelope which has a weight less than or up to 1 Ounce.

If the weight of your 6×9 Manila envelope increases, then there comes the need for additional or extra Stamps. One additional Stamp having a value of $0.24 will be needed if the weight of the 6×9 Manila envelope is between 1.1 to 2 Oz.

The range of price varies similarly as for the 5×7 Manila envelope, it means as the weight increases the price increase and you post a maximum of up to 3.5 Oz weight 6×7 Manila Envelope in the category of Standard or First Class Envelope, as all the envelope beyond this weight will be posted as the Large envelopes.

6×9 Manila Envelope (Weight in Ounces) Cost
1 $0.60
2 $0.60+$0.24=$0.84
3 $0.60+$0.24+$0.24=$1.08

How Many Stamps For A 9×12 Manila Envelope?

A 9×12 envelope if known as a Large envelope and for the postage of such type of envelope you require more Forever Stamps.

If the weight of your 9×12 Manila Envelope is up to 1 Ounce, then two Forever Stamps will have to paste on it for its successful delivery. So this will cost you a total of $1.20 to post a 9×12 Manila Envelope.

If the weight of the 9×12 Manila Envelope goes above 1 Ounce, then an additional Stamp for each extra ounce is needed. So for a 9×12 Manila Envelope having a weight between 1.1 to 2 Ounces you need 2 Forever Stamps and 1 additional Stamp having a value $0.24. So this will cost you $1.20+$0.24 ie $1.44.

For a 3 Oz, 9×12 Manila Envelope, there is a requirement of 2 Forever Stamps and 2 Additional Stamps which will have a total cost of $1.44+$0.24=$1.68

9×12 Manila Envelope (Weight in Ounces) Cost
1 $1.20
2 $1.20+$0.24=$1.44
3 $1.20+$0.24+$0.24=$1.68

How Many Stamps for an 8×10 Manila Envelope?

If we talk about the category in which an 8×10 Manila Envelope comes, then the answer is it is a large category envelope and you need the 2 Forever Stamps for a normal package that weighs up to 1 Ounce. A single Forever Stamp currently comes at a price of $0.60, this means that for an 8×10 Manila Envelope, 2 Forever Stamps worth $1.20 will be necessary.

Keep in mind that, you will need 2 Forever Stamps only for a Manila Envelope with a weight of up to 1 Ounce. The increase in weight of the 8×10 Manila Envelope will need you to add more Stamps for the postage of your envelope. These Stamps are known as additional Stamps and will be required per ounce. This means if the weight of your 8×10 Envelope goes from 1 ounce to 2 ounces you need 1 additional Stamp along with two Forever Stamps.

If the weight of the 8×10 Manila Envelope goes from 2 to 3 ounces, then you need 2 additional Stamps with 2 Forever Stamps. The price of one additional Stamp at this point in time is $0.24 due to a recent increase in the Stamps prices by USPS. So the price of additional Stamps for 8×10 Manila Envelope Stamps is calculated collectively according to the price of Forever Stamps($0.60) and Additional Stamps price ($0.24)

How Many Forever Stamps for a Manila Envelope?

The standard type of Stamps used in the USA for mailing your letters or envelopes is Forever Stamps. Your Manila Envelopes of any size can be mailed by using these Forever Stamps. The only difference in posting Manila Envelopes by using Forever Stamps is the number of Stamps required.

For Standard size or First Class Manila Envelopes, there is a need for only 1 Forever Stamp as long as the weight of that envelope is not more than 1 Ounce.

The price of Forever Stamps has seen a rise recently and the current price is $0.60 for one Stamp. To update the current price of Forever Stamps keep checking the official website of

If your Manila Envelope falls into the category of a Large Envelope or a Flat envelope, then there is a need for more Forever Stamps. At least Forever Stamps will need to be affixed on your Manila Envelope which is of the Large envelope category.

How to Mail a Manila Envelope?

To mail your package through Manila Envelope, you have to follow the below steps.

  • First of all you need an adhesive label for the postage of the Manila Envelope.
  • The next step requires you to put the Manila Envelope on a surface that is plane or Flat.
  • You will then need to organize your Manila Envelope in landscape orientation.
  • Then you will have to mention the name of the Sender on your Manila Envelope.
  • Make sure you write down the name of the sender on the top left-hand corner or the Manila Envelope.
  • You should mention the name and the complete address of the receiving party in the middle part of the Manila Envelope.
  • You can mention and write down optional instructions on your Manila Envelope as an extra note.


In the end, I hope this article will have provided a solid base of information to start you off on your quest to find the cheapest postage price. The key takeaway here is that if you want cheap postage, don’t be afraid to cut down on the number of days in transit, and don’t send more than one ounce of material through one envelope. The classic design of the manila envelope is highly durable and comes in sizes 5 x 7 and 6 x 9.

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