How Many Stamps Should I put on a 9×12 Envelope?

A simple letter can be posted by using a Single Stamp. By simple letters, we mean First-class letters which have a weight of less than 3.5 oz. Letters that have a weight of over 3.5 oz come in large category letters and we need additional Stamps to post such kinds of letters.

As mentioned above a First-class letter can be posted by using a single Stamps, so a question comes to our mind, how many Stamps do we need to post a large letter. Stamps that are required to post a letter are determined by the size and weight of the letter that we have to post. The number of Stamps that are needed for a letter can be known by visiting your nearest post office. But in this article, we will explain in detail how many Stamps you need to post a large letter i.e 9×12 envelope

Stamps needed for 9×12 Envelope Postage

Large envelopes including 9×12, manila, and legal envelopes. If your 9×12 letter has a weight of up to 1 ounce, then you can send this envelope by using 2 First Class Stamps. In other words, 2 Forever Stamps will be needed to post a 9×12 envelope having a weight of less than 1 ounce.

If the weight of the 9×12 envelope increases then you need 1 additional Stamps for each ounce.

The maximum weight of a Large 9×12 envelope can be up to 13. So after the first one ounce, you need one additional Stamps for each ounce up to 13 ounces.

How Much Does It Cost To Send A 9×12 Envelope?

The cost of sending a 9×12 envelope also depends upon the size and weight of the envelope. The various costs associated with sending a 9×12 envelope.

  • To post a 9×12 envelope of weight having 1 ounce, you need two Forever Stamps. As the cost of one Forever Stamp in 2022 in $0.63, so by pasting two Forever Stamps at $0.63 each, the total cost for 1 ounce 9×12 letter will be $1.26.
  • For sending a letter with a weight of more than 1 ounce, one additional Stamp is required per ounce and it will cost $0.24 for each ounce.
  • A 9×12 envelope can have a maximum weight of up to 13. So for that envelope with 2 Forever Stamps, $0.24 per ounce for additional Stamps the total cost will be $3.40
  • For a 2 oz 9×12 envelope we need two Forever Stamps and 1 additional stamp so the total cost will be $0.63+$0.63+$0.24= $1.50
  • For a 3 oz 9×12 envelope we need two Forever Stamps and 2 additional stamps so the total cost will be $0.63+$0.63+$0.24+$0.24= $1.74

How Many Stamps Do I Need For A Manila Envelope 9×12?

A Manila envelope is also an envelope that comes under the category of Large envelopes. The number of Stamps required for the Manila Envelope 9×12 envelope is the same as the normal 9×12 envelope. So you can post a 1-ounce Manila Envelope 9×12 by using the two Forever Stamps and will be required to attach one additional Stamp for each extra ounce.

What Items you can send in a 9×12 Envelope?

As a 9×12 envelope is a large envelope, so you can use it to post some lightweight items in it. Below are a few products which you can post with a 9×12 Envelope.


A manuscript is a written document that is written manually. In Manuscripts, the information is written by hand. The information is not necessarily to be written on paper, it can be written on paper, cloth, metal, leaf, etc. Manuscripts can be considered simple letters, but the one main difference is that there are multiple pages in Manuscripts compared to letters. If a Manuscript has few pages and has lightweight, then it can be easily posted through a 9×12 envelope.


A normal DVD usually weighs around 16 grams or 0.56 oz. So it has lightweight. When you have to send one DVD through the post, then the weight of the envelope will be only half an ounce and it can be posted and delivered through a 9×12 envelope with the help of a single Forever Stamp.


If you want to send Photographs, Some type of lightweight artwork, or lightweight photo albums then you can do it by using a 9×12 envelope. You can send multiple photographs in a single 9×12 envelope by using a single Stamp because the weight will be much less than 1 ounce.


Small books or pocketbooks are very lightweight and to send them from one location to another location you can buy 9×12 envelopes and have them delivered them to the destination easily.

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