Is Post Office Open on Christmas – Working Hours

USPS Post Offices are generally not open on Christmas and they don’t provide most services including Stamps selling and delivery but there are some exceptions. So if you are here looking for is Post Office Open on Christmas, then the answer is ‘NO’, but some services by USPS can be availed on this day, which we will explain below in detail.

Is There Mail on Christmas Day?

Most Post Offices in the USA, don’t provide mailing services on normal holidays like Sundays and Federal holidays like Christmas Day. Some USPS Post Offices are open on Sunday holidays with shorter working hours but they don’t work on Christmas holiday.

Christmas is a Federal Holiday in USA and normal mailing services are not available on this Day. The last day before Christmas when the mail can be delivered is Christmas Eve i.e 24th December.

There is a huge mailing burden during Christmas Days, so Post Office may remain Open and may deliver on two Sundays before Christmas Holiday but this is not subject to real regulation.

To meet the need of a large number of customers, USPS Post Offices especially those located in major Urban areas are open two Sundays before Christmas and have extended mailing hours also till Christmas Eve but they don’t deliver on 25th December i.e. Christmas Day.

If you have some urgent mailing requirements and need to send some Packages and get them delivered on Christmas Day, then you can take advantage of Priority Mail Express, a service that allows USPS to carry and deliver mail even on Christmas Day also.

Is there Mail on Christmas Eve?

‘YES,’ there is mail delivery of all types on Christmas Eve. But if Christmas Eve i.e. 24th December falls on Sunday, then the Post Offices are closed and also there is no mail delivery.

What are Post Offices Working Hours on Christmas Day?

Most Post Offices in the USA open in the morning between 8.30 and 5:00 and close for lunch between 13.00 and 13.30. Some Post Offices operate throughout the week including Sunday (for a few hours).

To facilitate the arrival of a large number of customers during holidays like Christmas, Post Offices have extra hours so that customers can benefit from various services at Post Offices.

A significant influx of people has no impact on the holiday of Christmas and the Post doesn’t operate that day except their Priority Mail Express which delivers all year.

Priority Mail Express represents an ideal solution for delivering mail and package on Federal Holidays such as Christmas Day also.

Delivery times of Priority Mail Express vary depending on the geographical areas of the destination. Generally, the delivery takes place within 1-2 working days from the courier taking charge of the package. The delivery time of Priority Mail Express on Christmas is 6 PM.

As Priority Mail Express is a rapid service and delivers on Christmas and other Federal Holidays also, so naturally this service has an additional cost. So if you need to receive a package on public holidays such as Christmas you must choose this special service by USPS, otherwise, the package will be delivered to you during normal working hours and days.

USPS Post Offices offers online services every day including Christmas Day and it allows you to order Stamps & Supplies, but they will be delivered only on a working day after Christmas depending upon the location.

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