How Much is a Roll of Stamps – Cost of Stamps Roll

Stamps are an important piece of paper that is necessary to be pasted on envelopes or letters in most countries of the World including the USA. Envelopes and letters are required to be accompanied by Stamps to ensure the proper delivery to the destination.

Stamps are issued by USPS i.e United States Postal Service in the USA and you need to paste single or multiple stamps on an envelope or letter to post them. The number of Stamps required to post a letter depends upon the size and weight of the package or letters. You can purchase stamps issued by USPS from various online as well as offline platforms.

The Stamps are usually available in the form of Rolls. A Roll of Stamps normally contains 100 USPS Stamps and the price of purchasing rolls of Stamps from different platforms varies. Here in this article, we will explain, how much is a roll of Stamps i.e what is the price of purchasing a roll of Stamps.

How Much is a Roll of First-Class Forever Stamps at USPS?

First-class stamps are the simplest method of delivering your letters to a particular destination. These are known as “First class” Stamps because they are mainly used to send lightweight letters i.e to send regular packages. One of the most popular and widely used types of First Class Stamps in the USA is Forever Stamps. Forever Stamps as indicated by their name are the Stamps that remain forever and will never expire. Their value remains the same for a lifetime.

These First-Class Forever Stamps can be purchased offline from the nearby Post Offices of USPS and can also be purchased from the official website of USPS i.e

You normally need one or two Forever Stams to post a regular size letter, but one of the drawbacks of purchasing Stamps from USPS is that it doesn’t provide small rolls of Stamps. The Rolls of Stamps at USPS normally contain around 10,000 Stamps

At the time of writting this post, the price of one First-Class Forever Stamp is 58 cents, so if you purchase a roll of Stamps having 10,000 Stamps from the USPS Post office directly or from its official website, then you will have to pay a total price of $58,00. The prices are different depending upon the category and type of Stamps. Prices for Rolls of some of the popular categories of Stamps from USPS are given below:

*Note: These prices are for a single Roll of 10,000 Stamps

  • Roll of Mountain Flora Forever Stamps – $5,800
  • U.S. Flags Forever Stamps – $5,800
  • Star Ribbon Forever Stamps – $5,800

How Much is a Roll of Additional Stamps at USPS?

Forever Stamps can be used only for sending a normal size letter whose weight is less than or up to 1 ounce. For sending any package above this weight you need to accompany your letter with additional Stamps. Apart from Forever Stamps, you can also purchase additional Stamps from USPS Post offices or its website.

The cost of additional Stamps is not fixed like Forever Stamps. The additional Stamps may cost from 20 Cents to 80 Cents. Unlike Forever Stamps, additional Stamps are also available in the Roll of 100 Stamps. Below is the price of some of the popular categories of Additional Stamps at USPS.

  • Brush Rabbit Stamps – Roll of 100 Stamps at $20
  • Barns Postcard Stamps – Roll of 100 Stamps at $40
  • Blueberries Stamps – Roll of 10,000 at $400
  • Meyer Lemons Stamps – Roll of 10,000 at $200

How Much is a Roll of Stamps at Amazon?

Amazon is a USA-based company with its headquarters in Seattle City, is one of the largest e-commerce or online shopping platform at the present time. Amazon is primarily focused on selling goods and services to people all over the world on the internet. Amazon has a website not only for the USA, but it has a separate website for many other countries and therefore it sells online products in all these countries through its country-specific websites.

Although Amazon is popularly known for selling Grocery items, Electronics, Baby Products, Health Care Products, and a lot more now it is also emerging as a major online platform for selling USPS Stamps.

You can easily buy Stamps from Amazon in just a few steps. The Stamps available on Amazon are mostly of the Forever Stamps Category but you can find a huge variety of Forever Stamps there. Another advantage of buying Stamps from Amazon is that you can buy Rolls having 100 Stamps, which are normally not available on the USPS official website.

So below we are giving the price comparison of Roll of Stamps for some of the popular types of Stamps:

  • Star Ribbon Forever First Class Stamps – Roll of 100 Stamps at $75.99
  • Barn Postcard Forever Postage Stamps – Roll of 100 Stamps at $52.88
  • USPS Holiday Windows Forever Stamps – Roll of 100 Stamps at $172.95
  • USPS Forever Postage Stamps Flags – Roll of 100 Stamps at $71.99

How Much is a Roll of Stamps at Costco?

Costco is a major retail chain that has its warehouses throughout the USA. Costco is popularly known for selling products in huge quantities i.e in bulk. An important feature of Costco is that it sells the products in bulk at very low prices compared to many other shopping stores.

You can now also purchase USPS Forever Stamps from Costco Warehouses and stores. Like Amazon, Costco also sells Forever Stamps and these Stamps can be purchased in Sheets, Bundles, or Roll forms. Roll of Stamps are available at Costco in normal sizes ie. it contains 100 Stamps per Roll.

Unlike Amazon you will not find any categories of Forever Stamps at Costco, so below we have listed the prices of some of the popular categories of Stamps Rolls available at Costco.

  • USPS First-Class Forever Stamp – Roll of 100 Stamps at $57.75
  • USPS First-Class Mountain Flora Forever Stamps – Roll of 100 Stamps at $57.75

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