How Much is the Cost of Postcard Stamps?

A Postcard is a rectangular piece of thin cardboard on which you can write your message and mail through traditional Postage service without any requirement of using an envelope.

For the successful delivery of the Postcard to the destination it needs to be affixed with proper Postage Stamps along with the address and other information.

Before determining the Stamps required for a Postcard and knowing how much is a Postage Stamp, we will look in brief at what type of information you have to add to the Postcard.

  • Write the name of the Recipient in the bottom center of the Postcard.
  • Write Apartment/House Number/Company Name
  • Write Full Address including City, State, and Zip Code.

What are Postcard Stamps?

Postcards are a great way of sending your messages to another person. Although they can be used for conveying any kind of message, in the USA they are popularly used for sending wedding invitations. Postcards contain a small piece of information and they are also best suited for greetings on holidays like Christmas and birthday wishes. For delivering these Postcards, you have to paste a special type of Stamp on them which we call Postcard Stamps. These Postcard Stamps are pasted on the back surface of the Postcard to be mailed. Usually, there is a box printed on the postcard and the Postcard Stamps should be pasted on the space of this box.

There is another type of postcard also issued by USPS which already has the required Postage value printed on them, it means for this kind of postcard there is no need for Postcard Stamps.

How many Postcard Stamps are needed for a Postcard?

The requirement for the Postcard Stamps for a Postcard depends upon the size and dimensions of the Postcard that you wish to mail. If your Postcard meets all the standards of Standard Postcard then you can easily mail it successfully by using Postcard Stamps. But if the dimensions of the Postcard increase then you will have to mail it by using the number of Stamps that are needed for sending a 1 Ounce First Class letter.

You can mail your Postcard by using a Postcard Stamp if it has the following dimensions:

  • The postcard must be rectangular in Shape.
  • Your postcard must have a minimum height of 3.5 Inches, Lenght of 5 Inches, and a thickness of 0.007.
  • The height and length of the Postcard should not exceed 4-1/4 Inches and 6 Inches Respectively.

What is the Cost of Postcard Stamps?

The cost of a Standard Postcard Stamp is $0.48. So if your Postcard has the standard dimensions as mentioned above, then it can be mailed by using Postcard Stamps worth $0.48. However, Postcard Stamps come in different shapes and themes. These different kinds of Postcard Stamps can be purchased online from e-commerce websites like Amazon. If you want to know how much is Postcard Stamps, then below we have listed prices of some of the most popular types. These Postcard Stamps can usually be purchased as a sheet of 20 Stamps or a Roll of 100 Stamps.

  • Coral Reefs Postcard Stamps – Sheet of 20 Stamps – $16.39
  • Sailboats Postcard Stamps – Sheet of 20 Stamps – $18.95
  • Barn Postcard Forever Postage Stamps – Roll of 100 Stamps – $62.99
  • Coral Reef Postcard Stamps Coil – 100 Stamps – $69.99
  • Seashells Postcard Stamps – Sheet of 20 Stamps- $24.95

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