Does UPS Deliver on Labor Day – Working Hours

Labor Day is a Federal Holiday in the USA on which many organizations including UPS observe an off. Unlike most other Federal Holidays Labor Day has no fixed day but it is celebrated on the 1st Monday of September Month. Labor Day has great importance in the USA and it is observed to honor the contribution of workers in the growth of the USA. As all Government offices, Schools, Banks, etc are closed on this day, UPS is no exception.

If you are looking for does UPS deliver on Labor Day, then the answer is ‘YES’, but not all type of mail and parcels. in this article, we will explain this in detail. Before that, we will take a brief look at what is UPS and its different types of delivery services.

Is UPS Open on Labor Day?

UPS also known as United Parcel Service an America-based top package shipping company which is not only provided its services all over the USA but in around 220 countries of the World. UPS has stores located all over the USA. These locations of UPS work from Monday to Sunday but are closed on Federal Holidays including Labor Day.

So if are planning to ship a package and want to visit your nearest UPS location on Labor Day, then you should keep in mind that the stores are closed. Therefore you are advised to preplan your delivery with UPS and visit it on a business day.

Does UPS deliver on Labor Day?

UPS provides around 10 types of shipping services in the USA. Each of these services differs from others in terms of delivery time, cost of shipping, and a few other things.

Below have listed some of the most popular domestic delivery services of UPS:

  • UPS Ground
  • UPS Next Day Air Early
  • UPS Next Day Air
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver
  • UPS 3-Day Select
  • UPS Express Critical

These services of UPS deliver your packages within the USA from 1 day to 5 business days depending upon the distance to the destination. Some of these services can deliver your package on the next day and some can also deliver it on the same day. One example of such a service is the UPS Express Critical service. All of the above-listed delivery services of UPS work from Monday to Saturday and are closed for delivery on Sunday and National holidays like Labor Day. UPS doesn’t provide pick services also on Labor Day.

If you have an urgent need to send a package somewhere in the USA and it’s a holiday like Labor Day, then the only service of UPS which provides holiday delivery service is UPS Express Critical which is also known as same-day service.

With the help of UPS Express Critical service, you can deliver anything be it a lightweight or heavy product, you can deliver it within the same day in the USA even if it’s a Labor Day holiday or any other Federal Holiday. This is possible because UPS Express Critical services are available 365 days of a year. So now it is clear that UPS delivers on Labor Day but only if your package is shipped through Express Critical service.

What time Does UPS Deliver on Labor Day?

UPS Stores are open from Monday to Saturday. The working hours of UPS stores are 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM from Monday to Friday. The timings of UPS stores are till 4:00 PM on Saturday. During these weekdays, you can visit UPS stores and take benefits of their many services some of which are: buying package supplies, office supplies, Drop Off Packages etc. Drop Off hours are limited and at most of the stores, these are by 3:15 PM.

UPS delivery hours are from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM during weekdays. Although UPS offices are open on Sunday, but they don’t provide delivery Services on Sunday. Your package on the Labor Day holiday can only be delivered with Express Critical service, it’s an overnight service that operates 24×7 but its delivery hours are not fixed. Your package can arrive late at night also but is guaranteed to reach you on the same day.

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