Is Post Office Open on Thanksgiving Day – Working Hours

If you want to know is Post Office in the USA is Open on Thanksgiving day, then the answer is ‘NO’. Thanksgiving is one of the important holidays in the USA and it is celebrated on Fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving is celebrated as a festival on which we thank God for what we have received and achieved during the year. During this day, USA citizens also thank God for the November harvest.

Thanksgiving is a Federal holiday in the USA during which parades with floats and inflatable puppets are organized in many cities in the USA. This was first celebrated in the USA in the year 1621. Celebrations done during this day make it an unforgettable day and therefore it has great significance in the USA National Holiday is observed in the country on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving is in fact a moment of great fun and during this day all Government offices including Post Offices in the USA are closed.

Is There Mail on Thanksgiving Day?

USPS Post Offices usually don’t deliver normal mail on the Federal Holiday of Thanksgiving day. You will not be able to send regular mail through Post Offices on Thanksgiving day. Post Offices are closed in all cities of the USA and you won’t be able to take advantage of any of the services of USPS like buying stamps, mailing letters, boxes, etc from the physical location of Post Offices. Also if you are likely to receive a mail, then if it’s Thanksgiving day and your mail is regular mail, then you won’t get it on this day. Post Offices also don’t offer Pickup services on Thanksgiving day.

Although you won’t be able to buy anything from USPS Post Office or mail your letters on Thanksgiving day, still you can use some of the services of USPS through their official website. By opening the USPS Official website, you can order Stamps, Envelopes online.

As mentioned above there is no delivery of normal or regular mail on Thanksgiving, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to receive any mail during this holiday. USPS Post Offices provide a special type of mail delivery service known as Priority Mail Express. If you want to ship something urgent or some sensitive items, Priority Mail Express is for you. So if you want to mail something urgently then you can mail it through Priority Mail Express which is also known as a next-day or overnight delivery service.

There are many features associated with Priority Mail Express like guaranteed delivery on Next Day, Tracking options, and 365 days delivery including Thanksgiving day.

What are Post Offices Working Hours on Thanksgiving Day?

USPS Post Offices work from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00, so if it’s a normal Thursday, then the Post Offices work as per the above schedule, but if it’s a Thursday of Thanksgiving day, then the Post Offices are closed as we have already stated above.

There is no pickup and delivery of mail by Post Office on Thanksgiving day but Priority Mail Express will be delivered on this day. Delivery hours for Priority Mail Express services on any day including Thanksgiving day are by 6 PM. So depending upon the destination of your mail to be delivered, it will be delivered by 6 PM the next day of delivery, if you deliver it through Priority Mail Express.

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