Is Post Office Open on Veterans Day – Working Hours

Post Offices in the USA are closed for all services on Veterans Day. So if you want to know if Post Office is Open on Veterans Day, then the answer is ‘NO’. Veterans Day is celebrated every year on 11th November and its purpose is to pay tribute to the Veterans who lost their life in all wars in the USA.

Veterans Day is a Federal Holiday in the USA which means it is a holiday observed in all states of the USA. Various parades and public rallies are organized in different parts of the country on this day. The history of Veterans Day dates back to year 1918 when a law was signed after the end of World War 1. Veterans Day was declared a Federal Holiday in the year 1919 and since then a lot of celebrations are done all over the Country.

In most parts of the USA schools, shops, etc remain open full-time like normal days, but Government run organizations like Government Offices including Banks and Post Offices are closed. Although Post Offices in the USA remain closed on Veterans Day for some services like Buying Stamps, Mailing, Pick Up, and Delivery, still there are some of services that are available on this Day. In this article, we will take a look below:

Is there Mail on Veterans Day?

Post Offices in the USA don’t process mail on Veterans Day because they observe Federal holidays on this day and are closed for normal operations. Both pick-up and delivery facilities of mail are not available for regular mail on Veterans Day. Suppose your mail is likely to be delivered the next day and if it’s Veterans Day i.e. 11th November then it is guaranteed that the mail will not be delivered. The mail will then be processed on the day after Veterans Day.

If Veterans Day Falls on Saturday, the mail be delivered on Monday due to no regular mail delivery by Post Offices on Sunday also.

Although there is no pick-up and delivery for regular mail by Post Offices on Veterans Day, still some services are made available by USPS for urgent delivery on these types of Holidays. One of these services is Priority Mail Express.

Priority Mail Express services have revolutionized the delivery in USA which lets you deliver your urgent products even on Holidays such as Veterans Day. Priority Mail Express is one of the fastest delivery services in the USA which ensures the delivery of your mail or packages even on Veterans Day or any other holiday including Sunday.

If a package or mail is delivered a day before Veterans Day i.e on 10th November, then it is guaranteed that it will be delivered to its destinations by the end of the next day which means on 11th November, Veterans Day.

What are Post Offices Working Hours on Veterans Day?

Post Office doesn’t work on Veterans Day but as mentioned above some type of delivery services are available on this day. Those who need to buy Stamps, envelopes, etc can buy them by visiting the official website of USPS or they can order them from any e-commerce platform like Amazon, Walmart, etc. During normal working days, Post Office work from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. But to drop a mail or pick up a package from the Post Office, you have to wait for the next day of Veterans Day.

If Veterans Day falls on Sunday, then the holiday is observed on Monday also, so the Post Offices will then be opened on Tuesday i.e. 13th November.

Priority Mail Express is the only type of delivery service available on Veterans Day and your mail will be guaranteed to arrive by 6:OO PM. USPS Post Offices take care of the delivery of your parcels on Veterans Day Holiday also through Priority Mail Express because it is an everyday service that works 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

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