Does FedEx Deliver on Thanksgiving day – working hours

Fedex delivers on the holiday of Thanksgiving day, but you can’t take the benefits of normal services on Fedex on this day. So if you want to know does Fedex deliver on Thanksgiving day, then the answer is ‘YES’, but you can’t receive all kind of packages. This article will help you to learn about the FedEx delivery services on Thanksgiving day.

You should choose a shipping service carefully and should not take the decision to choose a shipping service. lightly. There are many options for shipping your parcels within the USA and internationally. Fedex is one of the well-renowned options that always comes to mind on top when it comes to the best shipping service.

FedEx is a well-established and popular shipping company not only in the USA but many other countries. FedEx completely understands the need for businesses and customers and therefore provides them with shipping options to meet their various needs.

Some of these services of Fedex work for all days of the year and deliver your packages on Federal holidays like Thanksgiving Day.

Is Fedex Open on Thanksgiving Day?

Fedex stores in the USA are open all days of the week including Sunday although the timings are different. Depending upon your location, you can find a Fedex store Open on holidays like Sundays but on a Federal Day Holiday like Thanksgiving day, the Fedex stores are not open. You will have to wait for the next working day if you want to visit a FedEx store.

Since FedEx stores are not open on Thanksgiving day, it is not possible to pick up or drop off your packages from there, but still, Drop-Off boxes are available to put your packages which are likely to be picked up on the next working day.

Fedex offers a special shipping service for your packages that are required to be shipped urgently and this service is known as Fedex Custom Critical.

So if you want to ship a parcel and wondering if is it possible to deliver it on Thanksgiving day, then FedEx Custom Critical is for you. It is one of the fastest, most reliable, and guaranteed shipping services offered by Fedex, although you have to pay extra cost compared to shipping through a normal delivery service. As Custom Critical is the urgent shipping service by FedEx, so it delivers on Federal holidays including Thanksgiving Day also.

FedEx is a top name in shipment tracking also. So you can track your package shipped via Custom Critical all the time.

What time does Fedex deliver on Thanksgiving Day?

Generally, the working days for shipping by Fedex are from Monday to Saturday and approximately from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Many services of Fedex are closed on Sunday, but Fedex Home delivery which is also known as everyday delivery is available on Sunday also. Although FedEx Home Delivery ships your parcels on Sunday also at your home there are some periods of the year when Home Delivery and most of the other delivery services of FedEx are not available. These days are Federals Holidays like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving day, etc.

As mentioned above, you get your packages delivered even on Thanksgiving Holiday also through Fedex Custom Critical which is basically a premium shipping service. You will receive your items delivered on Thanksgiving day if they are shipping through Custom Critical service.

FedEx delivery on Thanksgiving day has no fixed hours but you will get your package delivered by late evening depending upon the location.

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