Is Post Office Open on 4th July Independence Day

Do you want to know if Post Offices are Open in the USA on the 4th of July, then this article will give you detailed information about this.

As you know 4th of July is celebrated as the independence day of the USA and various events are organized everywhere in the country on this day. Most Government organizations and offices remain closed on this day.

So if you are wondering if the USPS Post Office is open or closed on 4th July, then the answer is ‘No’. Like most of the other National Holidays, Post Offices also remain closed on the 4th of July.

Post Offices in the USA do not work on 11 Official Holidays and because Independence Day i.e. 4th of July is on this list of holidays, so you won’t be able to take the services of the Post Office on this day.

Is there Mail on 4th July?

Ordinary working hours of USPS Post Offices are 9:00 AM to 4:00 during weekdays. Although most of the post offices in the USA are open on Saturday, they don’t operate at all on Sundays. Likewise, there is no mail delivery on Sunday, the mail are not delivered on 4th July and any other official holidays.

Although USPS has made a deal with Amazon and due to this partnership, your mail will likely be delivered on holidays like Sundays. But if there is a national holiday like the 4th of July on Sunday, then regular mail or packages will not be delivered. In such cases, your mail or shipment will be delivered on Tuesday because the holiday for the 4th of July is then observed on Monday and post offices are closed on this day also.

There are a few exceptions like Priority Mail Express or Amazon packages which can be delivered on Federal holidays including 4th of July.

Can you Pick up Mail or Packages from Post Office on the 4th of July?

As mentioned above, you can get delivered some type of packages like Priority Mall Express on Federal Holidays including the 4th of July at your home but you won’t be able to pick them up from the Post Office on this day because all USPS Post Offices are closed for public dealing.

You can also take benefit of the Informed Delivery Service offered by USPS. This service informs the customers that whether their package i.e. only Priority Mail Express and Amazon Package is likely to be delivered on 4th July. In this service, USPS sends an email to your given email id with the delivery status of your package.

What are USPS Post Offices Delivery Hours On 4th July?

Priority Mail Express which is the only type of mail that is delivered by Post Offices on the 4th of July is the fastest mail delivery service and there is a money-back guarantee included with this service. Depending upon the location, Priority Mail Express will deliver your packages within 1 or 2 days.

So if you want to mail a package on 3rd July and want it to be delivered on 4th July, then you can choose Priority Mail Express service and if your package is not delivered then money will be returned to you.

Timings of delivery on 4th July is by 5 PM, it means it is likely that your mail will be delivered before 5 PM but in remote areas, there may be some delay in the delivery.

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